You may have seen the word LOHAS in your reading or shopping in recent years.  The name, which is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, is a growing community of people and businesses committed to researching and developing a range of products and services all designed to give us more choices as concerned consumers.

LOHAS focuses on six key market sectors that, combined, influence nearly everything you might use in your daily life. For example,

  1.  The PERSONAL HEALTH sector includes things like natural, organic products, integrative health practices;
  2.  The GREEN BUILDING sector covers renewable energy systems, Energy Star appliances and sustainable flooring;
  3.  NATURAL LIFESTYLES focuses on products such as organic cleaning supplies and compact fluorescent lights;
  4. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY programs like renewable energy credits.
  5.  ECO TOURISM, which includes eco-tourism and eco-adventure travel; and,
  6.  ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION, which includes research and development of hybrid vehicles, biodiesel fuel and car sharing programs.

Combined, these sectors comprise an estimated $290 billion marketplace.  We believe in the LOHAS mission and think that their influence can already be felt with the growing popularity (and demand) for organic foods, eco-friendly cleaning products, hybrid cars and CFL light bulbs.

If you’d like to learn more about LOHAS or explore how you can get involved, the group holds a conference every June in Boulder, Colorado– the LOHAS Forum.

There are also a number of regional networking events across the country throughout the year.


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