DIY Greenhouse

In the spring, the promise of time in the garden is a welcome respite to Chicago winters. To get a jump on the gardening season, I often start seeds in my basement, with varying degrees of success I’m afraid. I’ve often thought that a greenhouse would be a wonderful solution, but have not pursued it given the investment it believed it would require. I found a wonderful DIY project utilizing salvaged windows to create a greenhouse. I love the re-purposed glass, as well as the overall aesthetic. It is full of character, and is warm and welcoming. Best of all, it can cost next to nothing to make. Try craigslist or free cycle to locate windows, often free of charge from a remodeling project. The old saying holds true, one person’s trash is another persons treasure.

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Black, White & Green In Scandinavia

I’ve written before of my admiration for Scandinavian design with its form, function, clean lines and minimalist tendencies. Yet it wasn’t until I saw these photos from Hus & Hem that I realized a prime element missing from the story: nature.

In this Swedish retreat, all the usual suspects are present. Black, white, pattern and function – but with a twist: fresh, green elements plucked straight from nature’s bounty. And although the home furnishings are a breath of fresh air, every piece takes a back stage to the true star of the show: lush scenery.

The look is more greenhouse than house, and I’m loving it more than I ever imagined. What do you think? Too green, too natural? Or just enough Mother Nature for your taste?

Photos: Hus & Hem

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