Fall Festively

Well, I blinked and now it is fall.  Not just fall…but almost Halloween.  The very beginning of a three month season of various festivals and rights-of-passage and holidays and celebrations.  Surely, with a child in our home, one would think we would be gearing up to celebrate all of these things by decorating appropriately.

Except that…uh…I seem to have fallen down on the job.  This pumpkin is the only decoration we have to even indicate that Halloween is around the corner.

In my defense, our son is only 15 months old and thinks we have purchased a very-heavy-for-its-size, orange, nubbly ball-on-a-stick.  But still, there is so much great inspiration out there, and I live in NEW ENGLAND for Pete's sake…only the most fallish-festivalish place on the planet…you would think I could get my act in gear.  Instead, I'm just going to live vicariously through these fun designs I have found of late.


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