Bright Idea: A Hallway Office

Space seems to be a hot topic for every city dweller, but what if you made the most of every square inch of your home? In the above image, this smart homeowner transformed a narrow space into a fully functional office nook. With floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a custom-built desk, any hallway can become the perfect working spot to pay bills, catch up on correspondence and keep your household organized.

Get to work, friends!

Image Credit: Houses Awards

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Suitcase Storage…

… and I'm not talking for your next voyage abroad. Have you seen Lotty Lindeman's interior smarts? A fresh furnishings genius based in The Netherlands, Lotty transforms the everyday with beauty, function and craft. Currently, I'm swooning over her lovely suitcase storage options worthy of an art installation (or, I suppose, any hallway in the world!):

Created in 2009 and titled "Tassenkast", the solution is crafted out of wood, fabric and panels. I love that each suitcase presents a movable storage function that's as playful as it is inviting.

Brilliant, Lotty! Just brilliant.

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