Precious Trash


One persons trash is another’s treasure. Indeed. Swedish Designer Johanna Törnqvist has created a collection created from recycled textile and plastic. Quite a beautiful fashion and environmental statement, handcrafted, and each unique. ‘Precious trash’ is a dress made out of recycled material, based on one familys consumption of coffee and pasta for 2 months. To make the dress trash has been processed and refined to become precious material’. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Perfect.

Image source Precious Trash, excerpt David Report

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Forged By Hand



Forged, by hand. A lost art?  Thankfully, ‘Hubbardton Forge, an American manufacturer of hand forged iron lighting fixtures, first fired up the Forge in a drafty old barn in the town of Hubbardton in 1974. The Vermont based company scavenged through New England gathering rusting anvils, trip hammers, swage blocks and other discarded tools of the trade in order to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art.’ I enjoyed discovering their collection which includes these handmade, one of a kind lighting fixtures. Simple and architectural, and at once modern and rustic. Lighting integrated into the metal and glass housing, these pieces are artwork for any room.

Images and excerpts sourced at Hubbardton Forge.


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Sculptural Felt

Felt is tactile, natural, and can be dyed in a myriad of colors. Its uses are many, from clothing to handbags and hats. Felt provides the opportunity to create form, given its thickness and memory. Anne Kyrro Quinn’s innovative work with felt includes lighting, bags, throws and cushions, as well as large scale installations custom made for restaurants and public spaces. These wall panels combine acoustic management while creating striking sculptural displays. Below are images of a few of Anne’s three dimensional works of art. I could imagine these as a beautiful solution to soften a residential environment as well, providing artwork on the wall, a bit of warmth, and the benefit of softening the sounds of thunderous feet and voices.

Images sourced at Contemporist.

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This beautiful handmade collection by Hasami, is a studied exercise in form and proportion. ‘Simple geometry and the concept of modularity is the basis for this new porcelain dinnerware.’  Made in Japan, it was not conceived following prescribed forms and functions (dinner plate, soup bowl, etc.). Rather, the collection consists of plates and bowls of various sizes that can be used interchangeably to both eat and serve. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  Choose the best tool for the task at hand. The best part? Behold, the collection is perfectly stackable and a feast for the eyes. Beautiful to display, and what a joy to utilize for one’s ritual of the daily meal.

Images and excerpts sourced at Mill Mercantile

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DIY Modern Needlework Ornament

Looking for a little DIY project for holiday gift-giving? Check out these handmade needlework ornaments. The combination of modern pattern design and the timeless quality of handcraft is irresistible. Modern Needleworks has made it easy. A DIY kit, complete with all the necessary materials, complete instructions as well as a ready to go design.  4″ in diameter, these make the perfect gift, whether giving a completed project attached to a bottle of wine or box of sweets, or simply providing a welcome winter project for the recipient. Love these.

Images sourced on Etsy, Modern Needleworks

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