Double double toil and trouble; 
fire burn and cauldron bubble

These Haunted House Silhouettes are grand ghoulish Halloween fun. You can almost hear the cackling witch and her bubbling brew. A spooky treat for the tricksters at your door.  These creepy silhouettes were designed by Jeffery Rudell, and he has created a simple system for duplicating and decorating your Halloween windows.

Draw any spooky creature you can imagine, or copy one of Jeffrey’s templates. Let’s use our zombie friend here as an example. All I need to do is print out the image, and take it to my neighborhood copy center to have it enlarged. To figure out the enlargement percentage, I simply take the size of the silhouette I want, and divide it by the size of the silhouette I have. Then I cut it out and tape it up in my window using transparent tape. That’s it. Don’t worry about making it perfect. Jeffrey reminds us that these silhouettes are meant to appear as shadows and as such are expected to be a little abstract and distorted. Lit from behind, these cutouts are a spooky sight.

“This is just a sampling of the more than 38 windows and five doors that John created sinister shapes for. The final project made for an eye-catching sight in an otherwise dark and sleepy little hamlet. With a few inexpensive supplies and a dark imagination, you can turn your own house into the creepiest manse in town”. For anyone unable or unwilling to sketch out images on their own, I’ve included 3 of John’s PDFs that you can print out:

Looking for more?  Check out John’s new book for more clever and creepy Halloween images. Wishing you a haunting Halloween.

All excerpts and images found over at Make.

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