Hemeroscopium House

Prefab. Typically we think of prefab architecture as a construction technique used when producing multiple installations of exactly the same design. In the case of the Hemeroscopium house designed by Antón García-Abril of Ensamble Studio, prefab is redefined. The custom structure is constructed of prefabricated components, creating a unique and dramatic design. One large granite block holds this dynamic structure in place. Carefully engineered, in perfect balance, and absolutely breathtaking.

“It took us a year to engineer but only seven days to build the structure, thanks to a total prefabrication of the different elements and a perfectly coordinated rhythm of assembly. All of our effort oriented to develop the technique that would allow creating a very specific space. And thus, a new astonishing language is invented, where form disappears giving way to the naked space. Hemeroscopium house materializes the peak of its equilibrium with what in Ensamble Studio we ironically call the “G point”, a twenty ton granite stone, expression of the force of gravity and a physical counterweight to the whole structure.”

Images and excerpts sourced at the architects website: http://www.ensamble.info/actualizacion/ensamblestudio



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