Hey Jack!

Our friends across the pond seem to be a rather talked-about bunch these days, whether it’s news of royalty tying the knot or rowing on the world’s biggest sporting stage this Summer.

Add that to their great history, architecture and design hubs, and we wanted to show our respect with a fresh take on a current trend, which brings us to the launch of  - Hey Jack.

A symbol as recognizable as any, the Union Jack image has been seen everywhere.

So with the launch of our new Spring collection (coming January 17th!) we take that age-old motif and put the FLOR stamp on it by churning it into a geometrical grid. Its bright, primary and bold colors are a great decorating complement no matter your style.

Don’t be afraid of it. Stick in some solids and break it up even more, then share your story with us so we can get your take on it.

Source - Image 1: Flor.com Image 2: ezarchitecture.com Image 3: atouchofart.co.uk Image 4: http://blog.szeretnivalo.hu/ferfiaknak/ferfias-diszek/

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