Limited-edition Hermès Editeur Scarves by Hiroshi Sugimoto


Hiroshi Sugimoto is known for his application of craft, and the art of photography. ‘Mr. Sugimoto sees with the eye of the sculptor, painter, architect, and philosopher. He uses his camera in a myriad of ways to create images that seem to convey his subjects’ essence, whether architectural, sculptural, painterly, or of the natural world.’ Process is important to his work. Click HERE to view a documentary short about the philosophy of his work, and the breathtaking imagery he creates.

A decade long project, Sugimoto used a Polaroid camera to methodically photograph the subtle and changing variations of color gradients, producing a project titled ‘Colours of Shadow’. Mr. Sugimoto has teamed up with Hermès to produce a limited edition series of 20 designs, releasing 140 scarves reflecting this imagery, titled the ’Hermès Editeur – Couleurs de l’Ombre’ collection. The images translate well to the silk textile, as Hermès developed a project specific ink jet printing method to create the scarves.

Color in its purest abstracted form. Lovely to look at, and I would imagine just as lovely to wear.

Images and excerpts sourced at Wallpaper.

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