Goulish Glamour

Stylist Paul Lowes wildly successful blog Sweet Paul, dished up some stunning black on black Halloween decor ideas for Fall. Flat black paint highlights the cracks and crevices of a perfectly shaped pumpkin. Perfect for lighting subtlety alone, or part of a larger display. The tablescape is gorgeous with a tonal composition of blacks. Notice the contrast of sheen from the flat finish of the cups, lovely linen napkins and interesting visual form of the pewter salt shaker, in contrast to the reflectivity of the plates, candlesticks and glassware. These subtle choices within a monochromatic palette creates sparkle and depth. A Halloween Treat for the eyes! I believe this technique is applicable to any dramatic setting, be it a holiday or new years table, black tie event, or even a romantic dinner for two.

Image source:  Sweet Paul Magazine

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Nontraditional (and Simple!) Christmas Trees

Not a fan of the hustle and bustle of today’s average Christmas tree hunt, but hate to purchase a faux? Go the nontraditional route with these three super simple ideas to create your own festive evergreen:

wood christmas tree

1. A pile of wood and strand of bulbs is transformed into a Swedish and rustic surprise! Via Basic Label Sweden

book tree

2. Live with a packrat or bookworm? Create an impromptu Christmas tree with a stack of books! (Hint: when it’s time to tear it down, why not play a life-sized game of Jenga?) Via Re-Nest

christmas tree poster

3. Have a Kinko’s Christmas with this smart scanned-and-colored tree poster. Perfect for kid-safe nurseries and playrooms, or for the tiniest of apartments! Via Elsie Marley

What about you, friends? Have you seen any other fun holiday trees lately? Share below!

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Why Don’t You…?

red ornaments

…deck the halls outside of your home? This image of a wintery wonderland boasting bright, bulbous and vibrant ornaments has me craving a full makeover of my home’s exterior decor. Over-sized ornaments can get pricey, so why not try the look with unexpected twists like spray-painted balloons or children’s kick balls? You’re sure to be the neighborhood gossip for 2012 and beyond!

What about you, friends? Do you decorate your home’s exterior, or do you like to keep the festivities indoors? Share below, and happy holidays!

Image via Reasons Four Loving Seasons

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The Modern Holiday

The holidays are upon us, and the season often involves entertaining, wrapping, and gift giving. I found modern inspiration in the images above. Whether decor for the home, creating a beautiful table-scape or wrapping for gift giving, these modern interpretations are fresh and inviting. Although ultimately quite different in effect, they all offer a bold punch of color, a simplicity of using only a few key elements, and a new take on the traditional green and red palette of the season.

The home in the first row of pictures places robins egg blue and chocolate accents throughout the home, and is highlighted with a shimmer of silver. Even the color of the blue spruce tree selected, enhances the color scheme. Similarly for the second set of images, the brightness of the unexpected hue of green would liven up any space. Paired with a gorgeous chocolate color to balance the depth of color, this pairing is good enough to eat. Lastly, the deep, dark blue color of the serve ware and accent pieces paired with robins egg blue and gold details, brings a modern focus to this Hanukkah meal.

I’d love a pairing of Magenta and Red! Or how about a deep charcoal and violet? The key strategy to designing your own modern holiday? Keep it simple. Add a touch of your personal style. Enjoy the design of your everyday, and your personal space. Whatever your preference, have fun with it, and don’t afraid to be bold.

Images sourcedhere.


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Newspaper Wreath

Looking for a creative and inexpensive way to spruce up your space for the holidays? Try this easy to make Newspaper Wreath. All you need is newspaper, scissors, a hot glue gun and imagination.

How-To: This wreath is created by layering a series of paper flowers. To make a flower, cut a 4″ x 4″ square from three pages of newspaper. Fold the stack in accordion fashion. Trim with pinking shears. Twist floral wire around center. Spread paper petals and clip wire. Using a hot-glue gun, attach flower. Repeat steps until wreath base is covered; you will need about 40 flowers. To make the bow, cut five 1 1/2″ x 12″ paper strips. Form a loop with each strip, and gather up in a bouquet; secure with wire. Then make 1 1/2″ x 5″ streamers in accordion fashion; hot glue to back of bow. Secure bow with streamers to bottom center of wreath. Voila! You have created a festive addition to your holiday decor.

Content inspiration and images found here and here.


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