25 Days of Giving

When I was growing up, I never had an Advent Calendar.  We had a beautiful Advent Wreath that my parents had made at our church one year that we took out each Advent and placed on our dining room table – but I had never heard of an Advent Calendar until sometime in high school when a friend was talking about how even though she was a teenager, she still liked opening the little doors on her Advent Calendar and getting a piece of Chocolate each day of December until Christmas.

Say WHA?  My teenage mind was blown away…I wanted to know immediately where I could get my hands on this chocolate producing masterpiece, but my mom said no.

So now that I am an adult (or at least old enough that I should be acting like one) it never occurred to me to ever start the Advent Calendar tradition for my own family because it wasn't a tradition I had as a kid.

But then, a friend of mine introduced me to the 25 Days of Giving idea she was planning on for her kids.  Basically, in an effort to prepare her children for the upcoming holidays in a way that doesn't glorify the pile of presents under the tree (or a daily piece of candy in a calendar) she plans 25 daily activities to do with her children that center around giving to others.  Daily, they open up a new compartment on the Advent Calendar and discover what their good deed of the day is.  I found this project so inspiring I immediately started the search for an Advent Calendar that could become our family's for years to come.

Turns out, there are LOTS of great options out there:

Pottery Barn


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