Holiday Extravaganza: My Dream Holiday

One of my favorite parts of the holiday bustle is receiving catalogs in the mail. I know that seems crazy, as Christmas is undoubtedly consumerism-driven in every sense of the word and it's tough to stomach the need to spend, spend, spend. Yet I often ignore the products entirely, instead mesmerized by the winter styling of glitter, patterns and bright, cheery colors.

Perfect example? Kate Spade's holiday campaign. Is there nothing sweeter than fun friends, red lipstick and a well-worn piano to kick off your holiday season?

Baubles and beauty aside, the festive mood of these photos gets me in the holiday spirit faster than I can say "Bing Crosby." Sure, not all holiday parties feature confetti and cocktails (although they should), but a gal can dream, yes?

Here's wishing you and yours a bright, bold holiday season.

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