Why Don’t You…?

red ornaments

…deck the halls outside of your home? This image of a wintery wonderland boasting bright, bulbous and vibrant ornaments has me craving a full makeover of my home’s exterior decor. Over-sized ornaments can get pricey, so why not try the look with unexpected twists like spray-painted balloons or children’s kick balls? You’re sure to be the neighborhood gossip for 2012 and beyond!

What about you, friends? Do you decorate your home’s exterior, or do you like to keep the festivities indoors? Share below, and happy holidays!

Image via Reasons Four Loving Seasons

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A Modern & Minimalist Advent Calendar

I’ve never been the advent calendar type (Dec 1st just comes around so fast, doesn’t it?!), but this year, I’ve finally spotted an idea that I both love – and think I can pull off.

Created by crafter extraordinaire Sally Shim, this advent calendar is perfectly suitable for any decor this side of the North Pole. Even better? It’s so easy to personalize with sweet notes and activity ideas for your own family to enjoy this season.

Sally has included instructions here, so why not spend tonight inside with your favorite crafting elves? After all, Christmas is right around the corner!

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Bright Idea: A Holiday Mobile

Can you tell we’re heavy into the holiday spirit here at FLOR? It’s true; there are inspiring finds around every snowy corner it seems, and this holiday ornament mobile is no different!

I’d love to give the look a shot with a spare embroidery hoop, old photos, vintage ornaments and yards and yards of twine. After all, what good is a craft if you can’t make it entirely yours?

Tell me, friends, are you crafting anything for your home this holiday season?

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Tea For Two

With it being Valentine's Day, I've got my mind set on something sweet. No, not chocolate, flowers or jewelry — tea! I'd much rather spend a slow Valentine's Day morning sipping tea with my love than a romantic (read: pricey) night on the town.

In honor of my favorite V-Day tradition, I thought it would be fun to round up some spectacular tea-inspired finds that are sure to brighten up your kitchen this February! Enjoy:

Image Credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

What are your plans for V-Day, friends?

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Holiday Extravaganza: My Dream Holiday

One of my favorite parts of the holiday bustle is receiving catalogs in the mail. I know that seems crazy, as Christmas is undoubtedly consumerism-driven in every sense of the word and it's tough to stomach the need to spend, spend, spend. Yet I often ignore the products entirely, instead mesmerized by the winter styling of glitter, patterns and bright, cheery colors.

Perfect example? Kate Spade's holiday campaign. Is there nothing sweeter than fun friends, red lipstick and a well-worn piano to kick off your holiday season?

Baubles and beauty aside, the festive mood of these photos gets me in the holiday spirit faster than I can say "Bing Crosby." Sure, not all holiday parties feature confetti and cocktails (although they should), but a gal can dream, yes?

Here's wishing you and yours a bright, bold holiday season.

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