Holiday Extravaganza: Wreaths Galore!

I'm one of those gals that hardly ever places a wreath on her front door, but everywhere else in my home? Wreaths exist aplenty. I hang them on my kitchen cabinets, over my office and even on my bathroom door. Luckily, there are tons of DIY ideas for stylish, crafty wreaths that keep my obsession in line without breaking the bank.

A few of my favorites?:

-Crafty gal Amanda Johnson created a sweet striped wreath out of a knitted tee. Genius! (image above)
-Need a last minute craft to keep your kids occupied and out of the kitchen? Show them this simple paper wreath tutorial. They'll be busy for hours!
-Have some spare tinsel? Make a 5 minute wreath! (image at top)

-Turn an autumn straw wreath into a winter treat with this pompom wreath tutorial. Grab some felted balls and go to town!
-Get creative with your old Polaroids and display an impromptu photo wreath. (image above)
-A grown-up paper wreath is equally easy but surprisingly classy!

Any fun wreath ideas I've missed? Let us know in the comments, and happy holidays!

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Holiday Extravaganza: My Favorite Creative Trees

Sure, there's nothing wrong with a super traditional red, white and green-all-over tree, but us crafty and creative folk sometimes always love to bend the rules. Introducing: my 7 favorite creative holiday trees for the season!:

1. Have a few spare cupcake liners lying around? Of course you do! Get to work a la Sweet Paul style.
2. Gather your kids for a nature walk, create some patterns and get crafty with a painted rock tree.
3. Turn the average Charlie Brown tree into a chic and glamorous statement with candlesticks and metallic dressings.

4. Crafty gal Dottie Angel wins cutest tree of the year award. Swoon!
5. Genius! A bookshelf tree? I'll take two.

6. If you've got some time and a steady hand, why not tackle this paper tree? Add glitter, glue and you've got quite a pretty accent on your hands!
7. Of course, the easiest option could always be a fabric tree. Perfect for a mess-free kid's room!

Any I missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Holiday dress-up…

Been thinking a lot about the holidays lately… wondering how I should dress up our place since we won't be heading home for the holidays this year (letting out a long sigh as I'm writing this). Do you reinvent the look every year or do you like to stick with traditional decor? My parents always try to add a little something special every year to the decorations, they are great with surprises. They would let me walk into the house and give me a minute to survey the rooms until I notice what is new. It's a fun game that we play, silly I know, but that's what holidays are about right? I have a feeling that I would be dying for a white Christmas this year. With no fluffy snow to look at or to play in, and sledding would have to wait until next year. But to lift my spirits up, I found a few inspirations that I thought I might give it a go! Lots of white with sprinkles of bright colors…  So how would you be dressing up your home for the holidays?

…. I especially love this idea of using take-out containers as part of the centerpiece. For tea lights? presents? flowers?

{ images: top, 1 – 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 – 7 }

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Holiday Extravaganza: 15 Creative Advent Calendars

For some, the holiday season means shopping, eating, baking, wrapping and eating some more. But for me, I enjoy taking time out to make a few memorable crafts with my family and friends. High on my priority list before Dec 1st hits? Advent calendars.

Just for fun (and to inspire my own craft-making!), I’ve rounded up my favorite advent calendars online — all 15 of them! Some are for sale, but most are handmade, homespun and completely inspired. Ready for the round-up?:

  1. With little more than vintage flash cards, paperclips and ribbon, Country Living created a sweet advent garland perfect for children and adults alike.
  2. Christmas craft king Sweet Paul’s advent calendar was created from matchboxes and paper scraps. Genius!
  3. Have a few mini metal tins hanging around? Check out Twig & Thistle’s magnetic holiday advent calendar.
  4. A buyable ($100) wooden advent calendar perfect for gift-giving from Not on the High Street.
  5. With a few craft sticks and origami boxes, channel CraftyNest’s clever take on an advent tree.
  6. Christmas advent cones? Easy peasy.
  7. Garnet Hill’s bringing it this year with two great advent designs: Buckets of Joy advent banner ($24) and Lollipop Tree advent calendar ($68).
  8. Advent pouches? Brilliant!
  9. Create your advent calendar with nothing more than office supplies with Nice Package’s mini envelope advent tree. So simple!
  10. For the typography-lover in your life, Ali Edwards’ font-inspired advent boxes are a sure hit.
  11. The prettiest pegboard I’ve ever seen becomes instant holiday decor with this advent calendar tutorial.
  12. A downloadable advent calendar for the lazy crafter? Yes, please!
  13. From Pottery Barn hails a bucket and branch advent calendar ($300). Pricey, but beautiful.
  14. A-ha! Another downloadable advent calendar. Bonus!
  15. Yuletide excitement in one fell swoop with Uusi’s illustrated advent calendar ($65).

Whew! You’ve got some work to do, friends. If you tackle any of the above holiday crafts, tell us in the comment section! We’d simply love to see your skills!

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Holiday Extravaganza: I’m Dreaming Of A Technicolor Christmas

I've always marched to the beat of a different little drummer boy when it comes to holiday decorating. Sure, I love the traditional green and red color palette (especially with a touch of Tartan plaid!), but themes don't often work in my home. Instead, I like to add a few homemade touches to my everyday decorating scheme. After all, it's the details that count, yes?

Yet after perusing Will from Bright.Bazaar's latest photo shoot of his U.K. holiday chocked full of color, I swooned. I'm ready to turn my home upside down and paint the town red (and pink, green, blue, yellow and purple!).

Eek! These bright, bold, metallic toy soldiers are slaying me! So beautiful and fun.

What do you think? Too much color? Just enough? Spill in the comments below!

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