Bruno Mars’ Hollywood Hills Home

This lovely Hollywood Hills Midcentury home was recently purchased by Bruno Mars. It seems a fitting choice for the young man who has an affection for the glamour and modernity of the period. Interestingly, it is not decorated to feel like a step back in time and filled with midcentury antiques, but rather outfitted in a classic, simple and comfortable way, suitable for entertaining, and very livable day to day. Although this is obviously a gorgeous and expensive property, I find the absence of overt opulence refreshing. The interior is modern and timeless; my impression of its lucky owner.

Some simple design gestures have a big impact on this space. Contrast in the floors and walls of dark and light, provide definition. The furnishings support this, with dark wood details, and upholstery in white. The strong connection to the exterior, providing great light and breathtaking views of the Hollywood Hills, is exemplary of the midcentury period, and perfect for taking in the sunsets of this incredible site. My favorite elements throughout the home are the voice of the storyteller providing connection to the Midcentury period, through careful placement of black and white photography. Hollywood legends and no doubt sources of inspiration for this rising star. A lovely source of personalization and history.

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