Genius Design: A Concrete Vase

I love anything natural and elemental in the home, so this concrete vase jumped out at me from miles away. Yet when I looked closer, I saw the sheer function of the design: a genius system of stackable rings for the ultimate flexibility in floral display.

Inspired by a Japanese canteen, the design works well for any size and shape of flowers. Even better? It comes with a lid in tow for flower-less days when it can be transformed into a beautiful container for office supplies, kitchen utensils and more.

Shouldn’t all things be stackable and easily transformed? What a beautiful mix of form and function!

Photos via Xiral Segard

What about you, friends? Has anything gorgeous caught your eye lately?

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I’m hooked…

Came across this fun inspiration/statement piece the other day and thought, what kind of hooks would I use if I had an entryway like this at home? Absolutely love how eclectic this wall looks – especially the brass duck – such personality! Even the house number is quite perfect. I'm visualizing another wall, perhaps a colored one this time in another part of the home… How fun will it be to treat it as a three dimensional canvas? Using a variety of shapes and sizes to create a sculpture piece on the wall instead? Who says we actually need to use the hooks, right?! So I decided to do some virtual shopping myself and came up with my own "wall" selection. Perfect opportunity for mixing and matching. A little antique, a little woodsy… 

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