An Artful Home

Artists often have the most wonderfully creative homes, yes? After spotting Kirra Jamison’s colorful space in the latest Inside Out magazine, I’ve been craving a serious dose of color, personality and character in my own home. Let’s take a peek, yes?


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10 Poufs To Keep Your Feet Happy

Poufs are one of my favorite go-to decorating essentials, especially now that babyproofing is high on my priority list. They’re perfectly soft, cozy and safe – but they also bring an additional layer of texture that a coffee table simply can’t compete with. In honor of my favorite decor standby, I’ve rounded up 10 fantastic poufs for every budget – in every space!:

1. Gray wool pouf ($550) at Jack and Jill Boutique
2. Knitted graphite pouf ($90) at CB2
3. Patch pouf in gray/cream ($40) at Target
4. Grey cable knit pouf ($238) at Sky Iris
5. First Block Avenue pouf ($298) at Jack and Jill Boutique
6. Safavieh large fabric pouf ($241) at RugsUSA
7. Surya pouf ($165) at RugStudio
8. Beige large pouf ottoman ($180) at Overstock
9. Indoor/outdoor pouf ottoman ($229) at Zanadia
10. Patchwork pouf ($105) at Modcloth

Here’s to quiet evenings with your feet up, eyes closed and a glass of wine nearby.

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Genius Design: The Curious Vase

Designer Mianne de Vries’ curious vase is as much of a study in human tendencies as it is a sculptural accent for the home. Here’s the gist:

Each vase includes 2-4 vases inside, enveloping each other similar to a Matryoshka doll. Yet to reach each vase, you must break the one surrounding it, revealing a new vase design. The result is a perfectly interactive statement piece that begs the question: Would you dare break the vase?

I love the idea, and would have to admit I’d likely never break the outside vase for fear I wouldn’t like what lies beyond! (And what happens if you only have two vases inside? Would you risk breaking the second and hope there’s a third behind it?)

Eek! I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. What would you do: break the vase in the name of curiosity? Or would you keep it in its original form forever?

Images via Mianne de Vries

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Droog For Rent

Have you ever wished you could try out a cool design product before you buy it? You know, a big ticket item like a bed, or kitchen sink. How about linens? Are they soft and smooth, and will they live up to laundering? ‘In the historical centre of Gent, Droog and Sofie Lachaert have launched Droog for Rent. Upstairs from the Sofie Lachaert Gallery, Droog re-designed a studio and a flat for 2 in which you can find a “restaurant”, “lobby”, “gym” and a “library” all fully equipped with Droog products.

Droog for Rent offers you a unique opportunity to try and buy not only brand new products but it also gives you the chance to experience Droog’s top design pieces – icons of the 21st Century – as long as you wish for.’ I’ve been to hotels where they might sell a t-shirt, or bath products enjoyed during my stay. But the light fixture? The chair?  What a great concept!

Images and excerpt sourced at Droog.

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Why Don’t You…?

Image Credit: Clayton Hauck

…use a large-scale canvas art piece as an impromptu room divider?

In the photo above, an existing room divider / half wall dons an artful mural in lieu of a headboard, creating a high-impact visual for a serene bedroom. Yet if you aren’t blessed with a drywall divider in your loft, why not fake the look? Hanging a large-scale canvas, art installation or even textile could act as a room divider, and by placing a bed in front of your newfound divider, you’ve created a cozy headboard along the way.

Smart idea, yes? Happy decorating!


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