Kinfolk, a guide for small gatherings…

photo by Youngna Park

Kinfolk (so aptly named) is hands down my favorite online magazine thus far. Volume One came out over the summer and I was instantly in love with the concept, photography, and design. Not sure why I didn’t write about this earlier, but perhaps because I was waiting for the printed version to arrive. Yes, Kinfolk is also a quarterly print magazine as well! In this day and age, I have to admit, I still love to hold a book in my hands… be able to flip through my favorite magazine, and not just “swiping” each page with a trackpad. So when the printed copy of Kinfolk arrived on my doorstep the other day, I was most delighted. If you think it’s gorgeous online, wait till you hold one in your hand. The quality of print and design is exceptional. And oddly enough, what I love most is the serene feeling I get as I turn each page. Makes you appreciate life, the beauty of gathering, and spending alone time. Volume One is now available with a limited reprint, so hop on it!


photo by Michael Muller


photo by Michael Graydon


photo by Hilda Grahnat


photo by Lisa Warninger


photo by Andrea Cheng

{ all images from Kinfolk Volume One }


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Shop Talk: NSS

Natural Selection Studio (NSS) is the brainchild of Michigan-based Greg Gallegos and features some of the most gorgeous, handmade wood creations seen by the human eye. Naturally, we wanted to give well-deserved props for the quality and creativity displayed in one of our favorite new Etsy shops! Here are a few finds to invest in:

Sycamore pods ($42) are thin, lightweight and are begging to house paperclips, rubber bands and other miscellaneous supplies we all too often fail to stylishly contain.

Color and wood were made for each other, so these blue and orange wooden bowls ($74) are begging to be displayed either as a pair or statement-making solo for a surprising treat.

If sculptural is more your style, these wooden goblets ($64) are as inspiring as they are functional. I’d love to see mixed nuts displayed in these beauties at my next dinner party!

Lastly, if you’re into marbled wood, this set of three vessels turned from Box Elder wood have your name on it. What a lovely centerpiece they’d make!

Hats off, Greg – you have us all drooling with wooden envy!

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A Case For Ladders

I’m a serious ladder junkie. Equal parts decorative and functional, there just always seems to be a purpose for a ladder in every home I see. But don’t take it from me – here are a few fantastic ways to make the most of a ladder in your own space!:

1. The Display Shelf

Image Credit: A Beach Cottage

Purely decorative in every way, a ladder can be used as a tiered display shelf for your favorite objects. Careful when displaying glass decor – rustic ladders aren’t necessarily known for their solid rungs!

2. The Organizer

Image Credit: Stylizimo

Short on closet space, but big on accessories? Organize your favorite baubles, belts and bags on a decorative ladder in your bedroom. Instant closet solution!

3. The Linen Closet

Image Credit: West Elm

Forget putting away those handtowels and linens – leave ‘em out in all of their glory! After all, homes are meant to be lived in, right?

Inspired yet? I’m curious: how many of you have ladders in your own home, and how do you use them? Feel free to share below!

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Why Don’t You…?

Image Credit: The Style Files

… install beadboard on everything!

Contrary to what you might think, wood paneling provides depth in a space, making it feel larger when installed properly. In the home above, the vertical lines make the ceiling appear a bit higher, and the contrasting horizontal lines on the floor and ceiling provide balance while “widening” the room.

When painted or whitewashed in a light shade, the beadboard’s texture creates a calm and serene space for any home. I can’t get enough of this look — what do you think?

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Why Don’t You…?

… get crazy colorful in your home?

Inspired by this home featured on Marie Claire Maison, I love the idea of adding pops of vibrant, bold color everywhere you turn. After all, if you can’t have fun in your home, where can you have fun?

From the bright green artwork to the quirky pink(!) sink, I’m loving this cheery space.

What do you think, friends – too much color… or just enough pizazz?

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