Why Don’t You…?

[Image via Poppytalk]

… ditch the picture frames?

For photography and art lovers alike, choosing a visual display for your walls can sometimes cause a serious case of decorating anxiety. Surely I’m not the only one, right?

Instead, why not opt for a subtle display by “framing” your art with Japanese masking (washi) tape or painter’s tape? The look is relaxed, informal and flexible, so you’ll suffer from art remorse no longer and can switch out your photos seasonally (or weekly if you’re anything like me!).

Bonus? You’ll save hundreds on picture frames alone. Happy hanging!

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Fallify Your Home!

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

It’s here – fall has arrived! My summer sheets have been replaced with a crisp woven blanket and I’m anxiously awaiting my first bonfire.

Whether you love autumn or not (can you tell I do?!), there’s no arguing that it’s a season of transition. Here are a few easy ways to get your home in the fall spirit – in hopes that you’ll follow soon after!:

1. Textiles.
Each spring, I opt to throw my rugs in storage and leave my wood floors bare. Then, when the weather turns, I bring back my cozy sheepskins and jute rugs. Textiles are the easiest way to warm up a space – perfect for those dark, chilly nights!
2. Light.
Replace those bamboo shades and sheer, gauzy window treatments in lieu of a heavy textile to flock your windows. Bonus? Add a fun pattern for an unexpected pop to get you through the seasonal doldrums.
3. Color.
Bring in some jewel tones to accent your existing furnishings. Teal velvety throw pillows, harvest orange table runners and magenta vases make great fall transitional colors that you’ll want to hang on to through spring.
4. Accent.
Fall foliage is beautiful and vibrant, so bring in a few sticks, pinecones and dried leaves to accessorize with nature’s bounty. After all, nature is easily the most affordable upgrade. ;)

Happy autumn, friends!

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5 Quirky Ceilings

With so many options for patterned rugs, flooring and wallpapers, it’s high time our ceilings gained some attention, right? Here are five rooms that pack a serious punch from above:

[Image via Coco+Kelley]

First things first — by far the easiest way to freshen up a ceiling is with a bold coat of paint. Doesn’t this bedroom ooze with personality?

[Image via Bravo TV]

Can’t settle on a color you love? Add visual interest by hanging a statement item from above, like this worn canoe attached to a wooden cathedral ceiling.

[Image via Country Living]

Salvaged beadboard takes an average ceiling up a few notches and creates a cozy, stylish space.

[Image via Design Crisis]

With two paint colors a steady hand, you can create a patterned statement in any space. I love the look in a small entryway as pictured above.

[Image via House Beautiful]

A gold leaf ceiling screams culture and sophistication. For a less expensive technique, try a metallic wallpaper.

Which is your favorite? Tough to choose, yes?

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Hindsvik Vintage

Every now and then I'll stumble on a shop that feels so very… Flor. You know the kind, yes? Beautiful patterns and textures, layers of found objects, dozens of vintage, unique furnishings begging to be discovered? All impeccably styled, of course?

Hindsvik Vintage is that shop for me. Hailing from Canada and boasting one of the best vintage selections on Etsy, I sneak a peek at this shop at least once a week — and always see something that reminds me of something I'd spot in a Flor catalog. Bonus? With prices ranging from $8 – $800, there's always a special find to be uncovered, whatever the price range. (I'm currently pining for this unusual wood rocking horse!)

What about you, friends? Any shops or sources you know of that feel very Flor to you? Share with us in the comment section below!

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My Favorite Space (Today!)

My taste changes so quickly these days, but one room I've been continually drawn to in the past few weeks is this eclectic mix of industrial beauty:

[Photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt]

I've never seen cold tile look so cozy and when paired with such a magnificent butterfly/insect display, the space is surprisingly welcoming (even for an insect-o-phobe like me!). The sawhorse desk, lateral files and canvas bins scream of function while that cheery red chair is begging to be sat upon for an impromptu work session.

I'd love an office as visually inspiring as this one — with or without a rug on the floor!

What do you think, readers? Is it all in my head? Do you love this space as much as I?

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