Let’s talk paint!

How do you tackle paint colors for a room? Do you tape a few swatches on the wall or do you actually paint patches of colors next to each other, let them dry, and then decide? I was browsing through the April issue of Elle Decor and saw this advertisement for Farrow & Ball (above) and thought, now that's interesting… quite brilliant actually. They have taken each of their new Spring 2011 wall colors and painted them onto objects to illustrate various color schemes for each featured color. They went as far as dying fabrics to reiterate the idea, adding a new dimension to the vignette – which I love of course. What a refreshing way to visualize just how each color interacts with one another. 

And then I had a flashback… an idea from the March issue of Livingetc (below) where they also used a Farrow & Ball wall color (Brassica No. 271) for a bedroom. What I found intriguing was that they actually left the top as is, combining two very different aesthetics together – an unfinished look of abstract brushstrokes with a perfectly tailored bed – what do you think?

{ images: top / Elle Decor April 2011; 1 – 3 / Farrow & Ball; 4 / Livingetc March 2011, photography by Katya De Grunwald }

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A {green} paradise…

I was flipping through some of my old magazines and this image literally stopped me in my tracks. I had to turn a few pages back to see where this is. To my complete amazement, this beautiful open space is actually a living room. Yup, not a resort lobby or anything like that, but a home that belongs to a family of four in Bali. There's also a five-story thatch-roofed pagoda built for their two daughters, where their bedrooms are. In order to get to the main house, the girls could either walk across a bridge or tiptoe on stepping stones… it's like a page out of a storybook! Too good to be true? Well, here's more… the pagoda was built with sustainability in mind. Made of salvaged teak and grass thatch, it certainly is a good practice to behold by the girls, and to grown-ups for that matter. The staircase (pictured below) in the main house is made of reclaimed wood. Supporting columns for the house are salvaged ironwood electrical poles, recovered and reused by the family when a local utility company upgraded to concrete. Love how they brought the local colors into their home as well – using saris as their shower curtains for example. But you know what makes me really fall in love with this home? The intimacy that it creates, even with the wide and open living spaces, it speaks family time to me, lots of it – and nothing is better than family time…


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broken, but beautiful…

You know how there are times when you walk by something everyday and you just simply don't even see it anymore, whatever the "it" may be? I mean, really seeing it, spending more than a passing second. I love finding beauty in the ordinary mundane things, and discovering them in unexpected places. They can be the most stunning visuals ever – like this "Broken" series by photographer Alejandra Laviada. I can't stop thinking about them. Each equally graphic and powerful. Love that they are in black and white as well, adds to the authenticity, don't you think? Capturing something so basic and seeing such uniqueness in it is priceless. Textures that even if I wanted to recreate, I couldn't. They are such great iterations of… how should I put it, organic growth through time, that is almost impossible to duplicate. What I saw in these photographs at first glance were broken mirrors, cracked walls, chipped paint… Now, after starring at them for an embarrassingly long time, I see design elements and graphic interpretations, almost x-ray like. But most of all, I see history – layers and layers of history – whether good of bad, broken or man-made. What do you see? 


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Chasing the Light

Ugh.  I'm still full.

What a wonderful holiday weekend!  But I am the first to admit I have over indulged and it isn't even December yet!  I'm feeling heavy and stuffed and my feet are dragging.  Add in the darkness that settles into the corners of our days here in New England as early as 3:00 in the afternoon and I might as well skip the rest of the holidays and go to bed from now until June.

Thankfully, I found some really inspiring photos this morning from a fantastic photographer, James Merrell.  The spaces are light-filled and airy – both things I can appreciate in my post Turkey-day stupor.


Can we talk for just a moment about that installation above the fireplace?  I feel like I have seen it somewhere before but I can't put my finger on it.  Wherever the trend stems from, I absolutely adore it.  it combines my love for everyday snapshots with an unexpectedly simple display concept to create a larger piece that is modern, fresh and yet still personal.


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What moves you?

I am inspired, uplifted and humbled by art, but when I first saw The Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre, I was totally caught off-guard and brought to tears. I cannot to this day explain why I cried, but clearly there was an emotional connection that spoke to something within me. I was moved, greatly.

There are the tangibles in art and design by which we critique, and then there are the intangibles in art and design by which we feel.  When we choose a piece for our home, whether consciously or unconsciously, the selection process goes beyond decor and color scheme, to how it makes you feel. We want to feel something in our surroundings–comfort, peace, energy–all of which of course, depends on the individual.

I want to feel peaceful in my home–which is really a challenge with that 5-year-old I keep mentioning. I choose things that move me to calm. One example is a painting that hangs in my living room.  Its beauty brings me great pleasure and tranquility, and to that I am grateful, (again, the said 5-year-old).  Of course that's just one item, but you get the idea.

Now of course I'm curious as to what moves you? Be it in your home, museum or anywhere.  The Winged Victory is estimated to have been created somewhere around 190 BC and it has been enligthening mortals since then. What speaks to the light in you?

Photo (1): artchive.com, Photo (2):commons.wikimedia.org

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