Why Don’t You…?

[Image via Poppytalk]

… ditch the picture frames?

For photography and art lovers alike, choosing a visual display for your walls can sometimes cause a serious case of decorating anxiety. Surely I’m not the only one, right?

Instead, why not opt for a subtle display by “framing” your art with Japanese masking (washi) tape or painter’s tape? The look is relaxed, informal and flexible, so you’ll suffer from art remorse no longer and can switch out your photos seasonally (or weekly if you’re anything like me!).

Bonus? You’ll save hundreds on picture frames alone. Happy hanging!

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9 For $9: The Kitchen Edition

Sometimes, the best things in life are free. Other times, they’re just cheap. In this case, I’ve spotted nine design finds to make your everyday kitchen/dining experience a bit more fun… all for less money than you spend at your local Chinese takeout spot.

Eat up!:

-Forget the dreaded PB&J mess. Instead, opt for a handy double-ended knife to keep the goop from the goo. ($9)
-Make your guests laugh with spaghetti-inspired scrubbers that clean stains faster than you can say basil. ($8.50)
-Cat salt & pepper shakers? Why not? ($7)
-Wine Lines are key for your next dinner party. Finally, a stylish alternative to the Sharpie! ($6)
-Wooden measuring spoons that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the wallet. ($9)
-Bored during dessert? Get crafty with origami napkins! ($8)
-The Dress for Dinner napkin will make any guest smile with its cheeky (and functional!) design. ($6)
-A sweet illustrated clam chowder tea towel will liven up your next dish duty. ($9)
-Mini cocktail forks are always a necessity, and these fit the bill. ($6)

Bon appetit, friends!

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Inspired by… Fashion!

A few weeks ago, New York City was all abuzz with Fashion Week shows, outfits and wardrobe malfunctions. I was lucky enough to jet-set over to attend a few events myself and was astounded by the talent displayed by one of my favorite designers: Jason Wu. Full of quirky patterns and unexpected ensembles, the show was indeed a platform for greater things: decor!

Below, I've paired a few of my favorite outfits with some complementary rooms. Proof that inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere!

[Images: Style.com and Lucyina Moodie]

Above, mustard and navy make for a lovely fall pairing and when accented with bright blue, the aesthetic sings.

[Images: Style.com and ArhZine]

By piecing together black florals and sheer patterned fabrics, the result is chic, layered and sophisticated.

[Images: Style.com and FLOR]

Want a bolder look? Pair our very own FLOR tiles with dark pink florals for a vibrant room that's sure to earn you major cool points.

[Images: Style.com and ArhZine]

A sequined tank and a motif of teacups are extraordinarily complementary when paired with black accents. Why not channel this inspirational look and vow to take your decor less seriously?

Now that's what I call fashion forward decor. Happy styling!

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