House Tour: The Barn

We often receive compliments from people on our photography and the response is always the same: “Our photography is only as good as the homes we shoot in.” We pride ourselves on our catalog locations and the authenticity they bring to the final product.

We had a catalog shoot that was, in fact, good enough to write home about.  Here are a few shots from our most recent Spring catalog and the amazing story behind the location.

A 140-year-old barn originally built in upstate New York and relocated to Waco, Texas for restoration purposes found its resting place in the southwestern corner of Michigan, and we found ourselves inside shooting the FLOR catalog.

The barn was the idea of a couple that was looking to design a space they could call home for the rest of their lives; no small task.

The process began with first finding a company that could fulfill these dreams. Once on board, a complete set of drawings and then a tiny 1”x1” model of the barn allowed them to get a feel for the interior space and how they would use it.

The homeowners wanted to build a modern structure that was live-able but not lose the uniqueness of the barn’s structure.

Once it was confirmed the foundation was sufficient, the restoration team drove the frame and, with the help of a 100-foot crane, the barn raising was complete within 48 hours. After the rafter installation and the “close-in,” the roof was constructed and the homeowners were one step closer to their dream home.

Lighting is always critical in a home (and at a photo shoot) and this barn was no exception as they took great care in selecting the right windows to fit the barn.  They “punched out” holes in the plywood and placed the windows and doors into the openings.  Included was a large, south facing window that was 12-feet wide and 28-feet tall. This provides not only superior visibility but also a high level of energy efficiency with windows that offer solar control. It has 95% blockage of UV light and in the summer significantly reduces heat gain. Not to be outdone, in the winter the inside of the windows remain approximately 30-40 degrees warmer than the outside.

The last “step” in the home restoration/renovation was a unique twist on stairs. They built a traditional metal farm silo on the outside of the barn to house the staircase so as not to use up valuable interior space. The silo had its own foundation, HVAC, electrical power and lighting.

When we arrived to scout the location we found a floor plan that was as unique as the barn’s backstory. In addition to the innovative thinking that went into this barn construction, what really drew us in was the homeowner’s design sense.

For the homeowner, their dream was fulfilled. For us, it was a photo shoot to remember.

We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to the homeowners for welcoming us into their home and sharing their story.

If you have a House story that you would like to share, email it to us at (subject: House Tour) and you may get the chance to be featured on the FLOR blog.

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