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Today I am coming at you with creative spaces…lots and lots of creative spaces.  You see, I have a problem…because my current office/studio space is anything but neat and tidy…more…messy and cluttered and non-inspiring.  I can only imagine that if I had a place like any of the following to work in, perhaps I would spend less time day dreaming about beautiful spaces and more time creating beautiful things.

One thing I truly love about the space below, other than the gorgeous light through the wall to wall windows and the flat screen TV (hello!!) is that most of this space is neutral; allowing for the fabrics and a one wall installation to infuse the area with color.  I have noticed that many studio spaces start with a neutral palate which makes sense.  It allows for much more creative thought.


Of course, when we all tire of our neutral spaces, a little cheery color can really liven up a place:




I'm totally inspired by this awesome studio space set up in a basement.  Open rafters be damned – this office is dressed to impress!


Another great feature in this space is the use of non-traditional pieces as office furniture.  The work desk is really just a regular pop-up table…but paired with that gorgeous entry-table, the whole place comes alive.


This next offices are so inspiring because I feel like they are most representative of what most of us have to work with as far as space is concerned.  Four walls, a window and a door with a desk and some storage.  The creative use of magazine files in various colors in the first two pictures helps keep the space organized and visually appealing…



…and this second space really packs a punch…the keeper of this studio has a LOT to store and does it in a way that is visually appealing and doesn't overwhelm with clutter.  I could definitely take a cue from this studio design since I seem to have sooooooo much stuff in a teeny-tiny work space!

Of course, if I were aiming for magazine perfection I would have to look no further than this cheery space.  The black, white and yellow scheme is carried out beautifully…but I will be honest…no matter how many organizational systems I have there is NO WAY I could ever be this clutter-free!  Especially when I am working!



As always, I am in love with this full wall of black chalkboard paint.  I especially love the gorgeous sconces that elevate the chalkboard wall from utilitarian to totally elegant.

 Here's that same office from the other angle.


Lastly, I wanted to show these two work spaces since their styles contrast and yet they are both beautiful and inspiring.  The first has a feminine feel to it and I truly love how it seems like a space that one would find in my home.  Essentially, it is a nook, but with the right organizational structure it transcends 'nook' to become a personal space perfect for creating.


This office, however, with it's horizontal lines, rustic textures and dark woods is definitely more masculine and seems to have a very serious tone to it…coincidentally, it is in the same home as the very first space at the top of this post…yeah, that light airy feminine studio with the pops of color…seems like this designer got the best of both worlds.


Do you have a place to be creative in your home whether it be office or studio?  Share a link to yours in the comments.


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