Fallify Your Home!

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

It’s here – fall has arrived! My summer sheets have been replaced with a crisp woven blanket and I’m anxiously awaiting my first bonfire.

Whether you love autumn or not (can you tell I do?!), there’s no arguing that it’s a season of transition. Here are a few easy ways to get your home in the fall spirit – in hopes that you’ll follow soon after!:

1. Textiles.
Each spring, I opt to throw my rugs in storage and leave my wood floors bare. Then, when the weather turns, I bring back my cozy sheepskins and jute rugs. Textiles are the easiest way to warm up a space – perfect for those dark, chilly nights!
2. Light.
Replace those bamboo shades and sheer, gauzy window treatments in lieu of a heavy textile to flock your windows. Bonus? Add a fun pattern for an unexpected pop to get you through the seasonal doldrums.
3. Color.
Bring in some jewel tones to accent your existing furnishings. Teal velvety throw pillows, harvest orange table runners and magenta vases make great fall transitional colors that you’ll want to hang on to through spring.
4. Accent.
Fall foliage is beautiful and vibrant, so bring in a few sticks, pinecones and dried leaves to accessorize with nature’s bounty. After all, nature is easily the most affordable upgrade. ;)

Happy autumn, friends!

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The Burning House

I first read about The Burning House on Poppytalk and have been enamored ever since. The site begs fellow creatives to answer photographically: If your house was burning down, what would you take with you? The answers range from quirky to thought-provoking and are perfect to peruse while settling in for the evening with a hot cup of tea.

Of course, we must ask you, dear readers: What would you take? For me? My dogs, laptop, charger, fleece blanket, lip balm, toothbrush, an extra fine point Sharpie and my passport. So predictable, yes?

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Built-in me up, Buttercup!

I am OBSESSED with built-ins lately.  We are hoping to expand our family someday but not our home, so my mind often wanders to dreams of having a kids room on our third floor or turning our guest room into a kids room or moving to an undisclosed island in the Caribbean while someone else takes care of the kids.  Wait…that last one is my I-need-a-vacation daydream.

Anyway, here’s some built-ins-in-the-bedroom eye candy for you this lovely Thursday morning…

Let's take a moment to admire the function of the built-ins below.  They creatively fill the space under the eaves.  They afford each bed owner their very own shelves for photos, alarm clocks, etc.  They have beautiful open storage up above and functional, yet still stylish, storage underneath.  The effective use of bead board and horizontal paneling to further personalize the space is just the icing on the cake. 

This space is more for functional beach-house dormitory living…but I like the layout of three beds along the wall…not sure we’re planning on expanding to three at the moment, though.


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The Newest Way To Style a Bookshelf

[Image: Little Green Notebook]

Ever since spotting Jenny's recent makeover of Brooklyn-based freelance magazine writer and blogger Joanna Goddard's apartment (which is as adorable as Jo is, by the way!), I've been noticing something different about bookshelves. Particularly picture frames and bookshelves.

It seems that we've moved beyond displaying our photos in shelves and are now displaying them onto shelves? Take a peek:


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Why I’ll Never Hire a Housekeeper

Ever since I was a little girl, the epitome of success was whether or not your home had a hired housekeeper. I'm not sure where the conception began, as now, I can think of at least twenty better depictions of success that don't involve a dustpan and broom. And although one of my life rules is to "Never say never!", I have a feeling housekeeping is a service I'll forever forgo.

Here's why:
1. It may be the only exercise I get.
It's true; I'm the laziest gal you'll meet. Aside from my daily yoga, my idea of exercise is a trip to Target. In my car. But hey! I'm getting out! And walking aisles! That's got to burn calories, yes? No. But what does burn calories? Vacuuming. Dusting. Laundry, scrubbing floors and washing dishes.

2. The pre-cleaning phase amazes me.
I have many family members who employ regular housekeepers, and I find that the routine is always the same: they clean so their housekeeper can clean. Yes. It's true. They like to call it "pre-cleaning": the stage where you de-clutter, sort and fold so the housekeeper can get to the real work. To me, this seems insane. Why not take it one step further and throw a sponge on the counter since you're already focused on the task?

3. I love a challenge.
For me, life is about two things: doing what you love, and doing what you love to hate. Cleaning falls into the latter category for me, as there's nothing that I despise more than dusty, allergy-induced Saturday mornings when I'd rather be brunching. Yet I have to admit: I get the craziest rush from cleaning my home. Sure, I'm exhausted after a marathon cleaning session and never want to see a rubber glove again, but the feeling of accomplishment that follows is not unlike climbing Mount Everest for me. It's an adrenaline rush I'd miss if I simply handed over the mundane task to someone undoubtedly more capable.

So, what about you? Do you currently have a housekeeper? Would you ever hire one: why or why not?

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