Behind the Scenes: 2012 Spring Catalog Shoot

With our Spring Catalog arriving in your mailboxes in a few days, we thought it was time to give you a sneak peek at what’s to come with this behind-the-scenes look at one of our Spring Catalog photo shoots.

It all starts with a unique space, and we’ve been fortunate enough to find our fair share of them. FLOR shoots all our catalog photography in real homes, often-times going so far as to use the homeowners as our models. Autheticity is at the forefront of our photography, and a quick tour of some of this home’s items will give you a sense of why we found it so intriguing.

This wall began with a single antique photo, which led to another, and so on, until it was draped with pictures dating back to the late 1800′s.

This next item is one of many interesting paintings found throughout the home. Mostly of people or faces, the paintings gave the feeling that there were a few extra residents living there and added life to the space.

This unique lamp embedded itself perfectly into its surroundings.

Upstairs was an intimate loft that, combined with a small skylight bringing natural light to the space, provided the perfect setting for this shot. This space has also been featured in Chicago Home & Garden magazine, the Chicago Spaces Inspiring Interiors book and the UK edition of Elle Decor.

And here is our team hard at work making sure we get the best shots for our pages, which often involves some debate and on-site tweaking to get it just right.

Final Catalog shot:

When we stumble upon an amazing home like this one, we find ourselves shooting more than just one shot in the home.  On this day, we ended up shooting five catalog shots. It may not seem like a lot, but believe it or not, five shots will fill up our team’s entire day.

The four other shots that took place in this home:

Style: Heirloom

Style: Look Both Ways

Style: Roadside Attraction

A patchwork rug of the following styles: Rake Me Over, Feelin Groovy and Toy Poodle

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the additions we have coming to the FLOR line this Spring, that we’re super excited about.

Style: Hey Jack

Style: Mod Cow

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Be sure to stop and see the full spring line at on January 17th!

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As I write this I am T-minus twohours from leaving my home and flying to Portugal for a mini-vacation with my husband.  We never went away on a babymoon before having our son, so this is not only our first vacation away from HIM, but our first vacation alone together in waaaaaaay too long of a time!

When we booked our trip, all I could think of was getting someplace warm.  It has been no secret that this spring in Massachusetts has been anything but warm; even last week it was 50 degrees and misty out.  Bleh.  It has since warmed up to the point of it seeming to be ridiculous to leave one warm locale to go to another.  But regardless of the weather, just a change of atmosphere promises to be invigorating and inspiring.

I am really looking forward to the Mediterranean architecture of Lisbon; with all of the buildings tightly balanced on hills…


…quaint, old-world alley ways with secrets in every nook and cranny…



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