A Barn Turned Dream Home in France

Oddly enough, I spend quite a few minutes during my day dreaming of what it would be like to live on a quaint countryside in Bourgogne, France. Of course, then, this converted barn from Josephine Interior Design couldn’t be more up my alley (even if it is an alley across the pond).

I mean, really – just look at that spectacular view? And if I were placing bets, I’d say the inside is almost just as spectacular…

Filled with loads of natural light, unique vintage furnishings and handmade touches, the home screams character in more ways than one. Not a detail is overlooked (as evidenced by that sweet little rooster hidden in a chandelier below!), and the result is an eclectic mix of comfort and history.

Don’t you love it? I’m ready to book a one-way ticket to Bourgogne.. and stat!

Image Credits: Josephine Interior Design

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A Perfect Home

Friends, I do believe I’ve found my perfect home:

From the consistent use of reclaimed wood to the minimalist concrete floors, I’ve fallen hard for this gorgeous Skona Hem home. What’s not to love about wide-planked white ceilings and the perfect blend of rustic and industrial?

Of course, the kitchen is indeed a sight in itself. A soothing, monochromatic color palette is the perfect background for architectural layouts and a singular art piece. (I also have an unhealthy obsession with that sweet little trash can.)

And if you’re not completely convinced that this home is worthy of applause, I present a tiny corner loft with natural light and optimal space planning.

What do you think, friends? Could you see yourself in this stark home?

[Images: Skona Hem]

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Dark Walls in Denmark

As much as I love clean, pure, white walls and furnishings, my heart tends to skip a beat when faced with dark, cozy homes. Exhibit A: This comfy getaway in Denmark, as spotted on My Scandinavian Retreat.

Paired with faded patterned textiles, worn leather furnishings and white trim, dark walls seem to rejoice in the lazy days. Can you imagine hibernating here during the dog days of summer or cold winter nights?

Of course, when working with dark walls, warmer elements tend to play nicer — try rustic wooden floor boards, lightweight artwork and minimal furnishings like the ones displayed above.

What do you think, friends? How dark would you go?

Images via Vart Nya Hem


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