DIY Idea: Industrial Clock Revamp

File this under “I Cannot Believe I Didn’t Think Of This,” then promptly get to work creating a seriously genius project…

Spotted at Brigg, I’m simply amazed at how a skinny belt (from H&M, no less!) can elevate even the most basic of Ikea clocks. By drilling (or hot glue-gunning, I’m hoping?) a leather belt to the frame of a less-than-gorgeous clock, you can achieve a unique timepiece dripping with style.

So easy, right? My jaw has officially dropped!

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Why Don’t You…?

Image via Varpunen

…decorate your kitchen, DIY style?

Decorating genius Suki of Helsinki has this fabulous tip to offer apartment dwellers, renters – or anyone with a fickle decorating sense, for that matter: design with tape! Simple electrical tape, masking tape or even washi tape can turn the most average kitchen into a design haven for you and yours.

Go ahead; have some fun. It’s only temporary – what do you have to lose?

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A Suitcase DIY You’ve Never Seen!

Vintage suitcases are all the rage these days, and I feel like I’ve seen them in every possible reiteration: nightstands, pet beds, end tables – even planters. Yet after stumbling upon this image of Ki Nassauer’s living room, I’ll never look at an average suitcase DIY the same way:

Yes, that’s right. Vintage suitcases turned into shelving! Genius idea, and brilliant execution. I love how the vintage tones and textures of the suitcase sing against a muted blue wall, perfectly styled with quirky accessories and a mid-century credenza. The look just screams personal style, doesn’t it?

What do you think, friends? Would you try this look in your home – and do you have the patience to find the perfect vintage suitcases for the job? Spill in the comment section below!

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3 Rustic (and Gorgeous) DIY Ideas

I'm in the middle ´╗┐of a renovating mess, attempting to transform a run-down, Midwestern ranch into a Scandinavian-inspired rustic cabin. Naturally, when renovating, budgets are top of mind, so I've been scouring my favorite design and decor blogs in search of DIY ideas that won't break the bank (or my back!). Lucky for you, I've stumbled on three top-notch ideas that are equal parts rustic, glam and quirky (my official recipe for style!). Care to tackle a few of these goodies?: A recycled piece of scrap wood and a few thick twigs are transformed into a row of unexpected coat hooks with this easy DIY. Bonus? Get the goods from your own backyard for the ultimate in budget crafting! Via Poppytalk Love the look of antlers and horns, but hate the idea of taxidermy in your home? Get creative with a few scraps of construction paper and some wooden plaques from your local craft store. Via Design*Sponge Of course, for the ultimate in rustic luxuries, a wire-framed pendant is a must. To get the look, simply turn a basket upside down, secure with an exposed bulb lighting kit and "poof!" — instant rustic glamour. Via ReadyMade Feel like tackling a few projects this week? Just how rustic can you go?

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