What I saw in… Concarneau.

Concarneau, France. One of the largest fishing ports in France – it’s only fitting that I lead off today’s post with this brilliant print by an local artist named Valérie Le Roux. Brilliant in every sense. The orange-red was practically jumping out of the wall when I first caught sight of it. Love her illustrative style, what do you think?


… I couldn’t get enough of French white lace curtains. Saw them everywhere in France and I have to say, they have really grown on me. And so is the color blue…


… just the most charming crêpe stand tugged away in a corner on a cul de sac. Sea green counter with black and white chalkboard/handwriting is too lovely for words.


… and of course, more crêpe related graphics! Don’t you just love this? Couldn’t pass this one up. She looks so sweet… with the red and white polka dot tablecloth in the background? Yeah, pretty awesome.


… I did say my new favorite color is blue, right? We walked by so many private residences. It was amazing to see them “from behind” so to speak. Look at the one below with their garden out back. A bit unkept, but isn’t that the true beauty though?


{ all photography by Peggy Wong }

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Telling Stories With Pictures with Thom Glick

What is your Story?

We all have important stories to tell.

Most of us use words; either spoken or scribed on a page. Thom Glick uses images. I had the pleasure to attend a workshop hosted by FLOR, on July 14 from 6 to 8pm at their retail location in Chicago, with Illustrator Thom Glick.  In attendance were students from UIC’s design department, Harrington School of Design, several local designers and architects, as well as FLOR enthusiasts and customers. In the Spring of 2010, Thom partnered with FLOR to create a design appropriately titled:  Character Sketch, in which the viewer is invited to explore a collage of his illustrations.  It is a natural collaboration, founded in a common belief that self-expression through design, is an opportunity to convey emotion and start meaningful conversations. (more…)

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