Decorating with Lockers

Too cool for school? Never. With the rise of industrial materials and today’s trendy nod to vintage metal, school lockers are showing up in some of my favorite homes to date. Let’s take a look, shall we?:

Image: House & Garden

Above, a Scandinavian-inspired living space is the perfect backdrop for gray-blue aged lockers, providing both incredible storage and maximum style.


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FLOR story – We Love It!

This customer used FLOR's style  Ins & Outs  to bring life and color into her lofty space. It's amazing what a little pattern can do to a room. 


Dear FLOR,

It's been such a great experience working with you.

When we bought our house we removed almost all the walls and existing flooring.  We wanted a lofty / industrial feel. Now that it is done…. We love it!

Once we added FLOR it completed the room.  Now we're in our third phase, trying to chose FLOR for all of our other rooms.

Thank you.

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On The Hunt: Industrial Storage

I'm dreaming up storage ideas for a home I'm renovating at the moment, and am having a bit of an inspiration overload moment (IOM, if you will). There are so, so many great options on the market, and industrial, vintage design is at the top of my list. There's nothing I'd love more than a well-loved pile of drawers.

Yet which route to choose? Lockers? Library catalog drawers? Letterpress stations? The possibilities are endless, and there's a case for each:

Image Credit: Marie Claire Maison

If you're in the market for a wood, investment piece, a library catalog or letterpress system is perfect if you're an organization queen. Ideal for entryways, you can house sunglasses, scarves and miscellaneous out-the-door accessories all in one handy spot. Bonus? The closed drawers hide piles of clutter.

Image Credit: Country Living

Less clean-looking, but undoubtedly more quirky, metal, open shelving is also a delight of mine. The particular design above keeps clutter in tact with crate-style drawers, but still maintains an open feeling. Lovely!

Image Credit: Emmas Design Blogg

Locker-style metal cabinets? Yes, indeed. Super functional and surprisingly chic, I'm keeping this option on the short list for my own home.

Which do you prefer, sweet readers? Masses of tiny drawers or one big closet? Metal, wood, or perhaps iron? Or are you sick of industrial storage solutions completely? Spill it!

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