simple elegance. happy harvest.

‘Tis the season for gardening, dining alfresco, and preserving. My garden is in full swing, enjoying sunny days and cool nights. I have combatted the squash bugs, tilled, weeded and staked, and I am thrilled to be harvesting an abundance of beautiful fruits and vegetables. This year, I am diving into the art of preserving. Taking guidance from some of my community garden mates, I have been gifted some incredible recipes and resources for savory, sweet and downright unusual treats. Part of this design experience is the vessel in which these glorious goodies are displayed. Preserved for consuming at a later date yes, they are so packed full of color, texture and anticipation, that they are worthy of beautiful containment. I found these stunningly simple WECK jars to be the perfect solution. Graceful in form, and well designed in function. Happy canning.

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Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Minimalux released a new jewelry collection that stopped me in my tracks. It is appropriately named ‘Zero’ and is void of any detailing, decoration or embellishement; just a simple collection of solid metal bands. Unadorned. Elegant. Pure. To say I’m smitten is an understatement. A perfect gift for the modern bride or groom, of course, or for anyone who appreciates the absence and clarity of this perfect piece. I’ve got to get my hands on one.

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Bouroullec Monograph

Hot off the press, Phadion has released an anticipated and ‘comprehensive monograph, titled Works, documenting the entire career to date of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.’ Studio Bouroullec is well known for their collaborative work with design giants such as Alessi, Vitra and Flos. Design projects enjoy varied focus, and include furniture, lighting and interior environments and objects. Each specific and unique, I find their process most intriguing. A holistic approach, from the site or environment, to the finest detail, there is a sense of complete immersion in each and every venture. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.
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“Works is a comprehensive monograph featuring a wealth of images of our projects, models, drawings that is to say all visual material we found interesting to dig out from the archives of our workshop. It documents what we do by proposing an intuitive understanding, a flowing journey from a project to another. This book also features a complete catalogue section as well as a crossed interview between Rolf Fehlbaum from Vitra, Anders Byriel from Kvadrat, Eugenio Perazza from Magis, Didier Krzentowski from the kreo gallery and design critic Alice Rawthorn.Works is a collaborative project published by Phaidon Press. Design specialist Anniina Koivu wrote all original texts, Sonia Dyakova was in charge of the graphic design and on our end, we embraced this project fully, exactly like how we approach any industrial design projects.”
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There is nothing like time spent in the water during the summer months. For many of us, owning a boat is a challenge, whether because of where we live or the logistics of such a purchase. There are of course boats which inflate and offer compact storage, but they often fall short when considering the experience on the water.


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Concrete Bowls

I have recently learned of the work of Stephan Schulz. It is a welcome discovery. Born in 1983, he is a young German industrial designer, and has a varied and interesting portfolio of work. Stephan has designed a collection of concrete bowls which I find intriguing. There is a complexity of color and play of light from the unexpected smooth finish given the concrete medium in which he works. The color and texture of the concrete bowls offer the perfect backdrop for a simple and artful meal. The absence of decoration and expression of the material really encourage the presentation of the food to take center stage. A modesty of sorts, which comes only with the comfort of perfection.

“Setting a minimalist accent, this set of four hand-made bowls presents an apparently everyday mationialin a new context. The bowls have a mobile quality; playing with the usual cliche of the hard rigidity and weight of concrete; they can rock back and forth, while drawing their stability from the increasing wall thickness towards the base.”  studio stephanschulz

To learn more, visit the manufacturer WWW.BETONIU.DE, or the studio of Stephan Schulz.


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