Feeling Industrious

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And by industrious, I mean completely and utterly industrial. After perusing through boxes and boxes of my husband's grandfather's garage (did you follow that?), I stumbled upon dozens of vintage industrial items that I wouldn't mind scattering about my own home.

There's something completely organic about surrounding oneself with items that conjure memories of years ago — from generation to generation. And whether or not they're authentically vintage, I find the look absolutely charming.

Of course, there are a few ground rules when dealing with period pieces that are so harsh in nature:

1. Layer textures. Keep things soft and light by layering textiles, such as sheepskin rugs, sheer draperies and plenty of throws (especially in this chilly weather!).
2. Get green. A healthy dose of nature often combats harsh edges and seemingly "cold" spaces, breathing life into any room. Don't have the greenest thumb? Try a cactus; same effect, much easier to maintain.
3. Mix modern. Don't forget to add in some modern elements to avoid looking like you're living in your grandmother's attic. Try clean lines, basic color schemes and modular pieces for a surprisingly rich effect.

Happy decorating!

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On The Hunt: Industrial Storage

I'm dreaming up storage ideas for a home I'm renovating at the moment, and am having a bit of an inspiration overload moment (IOM, if you will). There are so, so many great options on the market, and industrial, vintage design is at the top of my list. There's nothing I'd love more than a well-loved pile of drawers.

Yet which route to choose? Lockers? Library catalog drawers? Letterpress stations? The possibilities are endless, and there's a case for each:

Image Credit: Marie Claire Maison

If you're in the market for a wood, investment piece, a library catalog or letterpress system is perfect if you're an organization queen. Ideal for entryways, you can house sunglasses, scarves and miscellaneous out-the-door accessories all in one handy spot. Bonus? The closed drawers hide piles of clutter.

Image Credit: Country Living

Less clean-looking, but undoubtedly more quirky, metal, open shelving is also a delight of mine. The particular design above keeps clutter in tact with crate-style drawers, but still maintains an open feeling. Lovely!

Image Credit: Emmas Design Blogg

Locker-style metal cabinets? Yes, indeed. Super functional and surprisingly chic, I'm keeping this option on the short list for my own home.

Which do you prefer, sweet readers? Masses of tiny drawers or one big closet? Metal, wood, or perhaps iron? Or are you sick of industrial storage solutions completely? Spill it!

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A Black/White Industrial Kitchen

Behold, my dream kitchen. The bones are perfect: a mix of industrial and natural elements with a touch of quirky, home-spun details. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than this.

Here's why it works:

1. The open shelving keeps the industrial, cold look from appearing too minimalist. By displaying fresh foods and ingredients (bread, flour, sugar), there are plenty of textures to keep the kitchen interesting and cozy.

2. The sleek stainless cabinetry juxtaposed with the white farmhouse sink create an eclectic mix that is hard to define, making it the perfect classic kitchen. In other words, because you can't place a finger on the time period in which this specific kitchen was designed, you've created a timeless atmosphere that will need little updates in the future.

3. Below, the sheepskins softly draped on the hard seating create another cozy layer to the space. After all, metal looks dreamy, but who wants to sit on a cold, hard bench for more than a few minutes?

All in all, this is a beautiful space, indeed. Although, admittedly, I'd add a touch of In Stitches under the dining room table. But, you know, that's me. ;)

[Images via AlltiHemmet]

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