Trash to Treasure

I’m always amazed at how creativity is displayed in the home – particularly when re-purposing objects that are no longer useful. After spotting this workspace on Emmas Design Blog, I had to take a second look at the inspiration board on the wall:

Image Credit: BoligLiv

Do you see what it is yet? It appears to be a mattress spring! What a brilliant idea! I love the pattern the springs create against the white wall, and how functional the former trashed object is in its new space.

Proof that smart design doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Any new uses for old things you’ve stumbled upon lately? Share below!

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My Favorite Flor

Eclectic spaces have always been a go-to move of mine, so when I first spotted the Cut Flowers design in this month’s new arrival section at FLOR, I shrieked with joy. Any time an accessory or furnishings makes me squeal, I begin to envision the space I would build around that very statement piece.

Naturally, I wanted to take you along for the ride. Presenting, a room fit for my favorite Flor tile (whew – say that three times fast!). My vision? A quirky kitchen nook:

1. Our shining star FLOR paves the way for patterned accents and statement solids.
2. Every quirky room needs a quirky pendant.
3. Bright coral polka dotted curtains provide a touch of color to offset the dark flooring.
4. Floral cups reflect our floral patterned tiles in a subtle fashion.
5. Traditional Stockholm chairs ground the nook, providing a classic that won’t easily fade with trends.
6. Patterned plates become a surprising neutral when paired with bolder colors.
7. The industrial stool plays off our birdcage-inspired lighting and lends an aged aesthetic to the space.
8. A recycled magazine bowl gives amount of texture and play to the room.
9. Play it safe with a modern and gorgeous wood and iron table.

Fun, yes? Ah, to dine daily in this fun little space. Elbows off the table, please!



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