DIY Idea: Industrial Clock Revamp

File this under “I Cannot Believe I Didn’t Think Of This,” then promptly get to work creating a seriously genius project…

Spotted at Brigg, I’m simply amazed at how a skinny belt (from H&M, no less!) can elevate even the most basic of Ikea clocks. By drilling (or hot glue-gunning, I’m hoping?) a leather belt to the frame of a less-than-gorgeous clock, you can achieve a unique timepiece dripping with style.

So easy, right? My jaw has officially dropped!

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It’s In The Details: Multiple Lighting

Image via Nordic Design

Whenever I spot a design I’m head over heels for, I’ll catalog the image for inspiration to reference in the future. Yet sometimes, months later, I’ll find something that a few images all share in common. In this case? Multiple lighting hanging in an unexpected way.

Image via Desire to Inspire

Whether you choose to get the look with a clustered pendant or you simply DIY a version by hanging a trio of individual pendants, the design can elevate nearly any space. Bedroom, dining room or living room – you name it, the look works.

Image via Nordic Design

A good excuse to go big or go home, yes?

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A Quietly Colorful Home

Some of my favorite spaces incorporate one general color scheme: neutral with a few pops of color. And rarely have I seen the look executed so flawlessly as when I stumbled upon this beautiful family-friendly home at HousetoHome. Care for a peek?:

By far, my favorite space in the home is this bright and cheery kitchen, which is perfectly balanced with white subway tile, industrial elements and vibrant pops of candy-colored hues. It screams style, but also feels lived-in, comfortable and loved. The perfect combination!

In the bedroom, a serene, neutral space is elevated with a quirky photograph and muted neon pillowcases. Proof that even minimalism can showcase a maximum amount of style!

And although I’m always a sucker for subway tile, I love how daring this bathroom looks when paired with bright pops of orange and fuzzy textures. It’s fun and kid-friendly, but will be easy-to-update for years to come should the kids ever tire of the fuzzy navel phase.

So lovely, yes? What do you think of the small doses of color? Too much? Too little? Spill it below!

[Image Credits: Jake Curtis, Living Etc.]

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Lucas Maassen’s Incompletely Beautiful Furniture

Cute alert: Lucas Maassen recently hired his children to help him paint and finish some of his furniture designs, but labor laws restrict the children from working more than three hours a week. The result? “Incompletely beautiful” and largely unfinished pieces that are as unique and custom as they are endearing.

What an adorable way to show your children the value of a dollar – and let the community benefit! Hats off to you, Lucas & sons!

Via Yatzer

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Why Don’t You…?

… go ahead and scribble on your dresser?

You’ve seen how transformative the power of paint can be on an old piece of furniture, but what about the power of the written word? Get the look by taking a Sharpie to an old standby and write your favorite song lyrics, daily affirmations or uplifting words of encouragement.

Bonus? A coat of dry erase paint allows you the freedom to write and re-write to your heart’s content! Genius.

Image Credit: French by Design (via Konfetti)

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