Feng Shui and Living Things

Years back I bought the book, "The Feng Shui House Book" by author Gina Lazenby.   I believe in the energy a home or any other living space holds. Haven't we all walked into a room that felt dull, lifeless or just icky?  And, haven't we all walked into a room that felt alive, full of energy, while at the same time being soothing and comfortable.  The following information comes from Ms. Lazenby's book.  I believe in having living things in my home–plants and animals.  They've both always brought me comfort and energy and thanks to Ms. Lazenby, I now know why.

Feng Shui is about our relationship with our living space. The goal is to arrange a space so that "chi"–energy–will flow harmoniously, making the space feel balanced, and therefore making those who live in the space feel balance is their life as well. Living chi–plants, flowers, animals–add a dramatic improvement to the energy of a room and consequently to our well-being.

In today's high-tech world, plants and flowers inside the home help restore a natural equilibrium.  Plants also reduce stress and absorb air-borne pollutants and toxins.

Plants rooted in soil help to ground and balance us by strengthening our connnection to the natural world.  Plus, digging in the soil and watering plants can be very soothing.   

This kitchen not only features plants, but its decor also includes raw wood which further reinforces positive chi.

Whether incorporating plants or flowers into your space, be sure to keep them healthy or fresh and replace them as soon as they begin to fade or die, as this will take energy away from your room.

Animals contribute much to the energy force inside or outside the home. They move chi around, make a house feel like a home and provide focus for our attention and love.

Anything that moves will activate chi, so even though birds in cages don't fly, their movements and songs enhance the energy in a home. Or if you prefer, a bird bath outside will attract birds and activate the energy around your home as well.

The same principle applies with fish.  You can add an aquarium to your decor or ….

add a fish pond to your garden outside. There are as many different types of ponds as their are yards.  For instance the pond above is small (actually a cow trough), yet still as effective as one on a larger scale. In addition to holding fish, a tank, bowl or pond also holds water which is good for healing and prosperity.

Placing photos or images of animals around your home can affect the chi as well.  Overall, what is important is to include a living energy within your home besides yourself.  Because while pillows are cozy, snuggling up with a kitty or pup, or enjoying fresh cut flowers  just seems to amp up the chi of warmth, happiness and tranquility.  And isn't that what we all want in our home?


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