What To Do With That Big Blank Wall?


A hand painted wall treatment creates an elegant backdrop.

A large interior wall can be daunting, but with a little creativity, it will prove to be a tremendous interior design opportunity. A large blank canvas to make a statement in your space. Elle Decor recently struggled with this issue, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to make an impact on the big bare wall. Perhaps a different wall treatment is just the thing to create a whole new look.

Venetian Plaster Walls provide texture, and can be tinted to create a bold color statement.


Laquered Paint, especially in black creates a dramatic and intimate setting. 

Images sourced at  http://www.elledecor.com/



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Concrete Bowls

I have recently learned of the work of Stephan Schulz. It is a welcome discovery. Born in 1983, he is a young German industrial designer, and has a varied and interesting portfolio of work. Stephan has designed a collection of concrete bowls which I find intriguing. There is a complexity of color and play of light from the unexpected smooth finish given the concrete medium in which he works. The color and texture of the concrete bowls offer the perfect backdrop for a simple and artful meal. The absence of decoration and expression of the material really encourage the presentation of the food to take center stage. A modesty of sorts, which comes only with the comfort of perfection.

“Setting a minimalist accent, this set of four hand-made bowls presents an apparently everyday mationialin a new context. The bowls have a mobile quality; playing with the usual cliche of the hard rigidity and weight of concrete; they can rock back and forth, while drawing their stability from the increasing wall thickness towards the base.”  studio stephanschulz

To learn more, visit the manufacturer WWW.BETONIU.DE, or the studio of Stephan Schulz.


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Shop Talk: Jamali Garden

I’d heard of New York-based floral & garden supply shop Jamali Garden, but until recently, I didn’t realize how expansive their decor section was. From super affordable rugs to a variety of ceramics, I never thought to take advantage of their vast selection inside my home.

A few interior-friendly items on my wish list? Read on:

[A]. Zig Zag Jute Rug ($60)
[B]. Striped Curtain Panel ($25)
[C]. Cotton Slub Pouf ($50)
[D]. Hanging Glass Vase ($5)
[E]. Textured Ceramic Vases ($25)
[F]. Buffalo Horn ($15)

Proof that outdoor products can pull double duty inside, as well. Happy shopping!

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A Holiday in Spain

When I first spotted these Son Gener boutique hotel images on Desire to Inspire, I immediately checked my frequent flier miles to see if a trip to Spain was in order. (It wasn’t.)

Boasting a perfect blend of modern and aged, the spaces are full of light, air and — in most cases — symmetry. Could you imagine waking up in such a beautiful space — bathed in fresh air and bright morning light?

And with minimal, organic furnishings — the stunning architecture gets the attention it deserves.

Oh, I’m smitten indeed.

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