DIY Palette Garden



It’s not too late folks, to get that garden going. Fall vegetables enjoy the sun with cooler temperatures, and will thrive when started this time of year. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and radish just to name a few, will do beautifully in many zones when planted in late July and early August.  I’ve been wanting to build a raised bed garden, and of course the summer has gotten away from me. I found the perfect solution in a ready made palette. No need to spend a lot on lumber for this project or find the time to build a traditional raised bed. Shipping palettes are often discarded and can be found readily at stores in your community. Simply place in a sunny spot and fill with a mixture of  soil and compost. Sow your seeds, water, watch and wait, and you’ll be enjoying a fall harvest in no time. A beautiful addition to your garden, good enough to eat.

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Precious Trash


One persons trash is another’s treasure. Indeed. Swedish Designer Johanna Törnqvist has created a collection created from recycled textile and plastic. Quite a beautiful fashion and environmental statement, handcrafted, and each unique. ‘Precious trash’ is a dress made out of recycled material, based on one familys consumption of coffee and pasta for 2 months. To make the dress trash has been processed and refined to become precious material’. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Perfect.

Image source Precious Trash, excerpt David Report

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Forged By Hand



Forged, by hand. A lost art?  Thankfully, ‘Hubbardton Forge, an American manufacturer of hand forged iron lighting fixtures, first fired up the Forge in a drafty old barn in the town of Hubbardton in 1974. The Vermont based company scavenged through New England gathering rusting anvils, trip hammers, swage blocks and other discarded tools of the trade in order to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art.’ I enjoyed discovering their collection which includes these handmade, one of a kind lighting fixtures. Simple and architectural, and at once modern and rustic. Lighting integrated into the metal and glass housing, these pieces are artwork for any room.

Images and excerpts sourced at Hubbardton Forge.


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Robert Sonneman LED


A beautiful introduction by award winning designer Robert Sonneman, the Quattro LED lighting collection recalls the iconic, classic work of Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld, forces in the Dutch De Stijl art and design movement from 1917 to 1928. Modern brightly colored rectilinear forms of red, yellow, black and blue,  With the added benefit of dim-able energy efficient flat panel LED lamping, I believe these are destined to be instant classics.

“Glare-Free LED Flat Panel Technology. Quattro™ produces 25% more brightness, glare-free,from 25% less power than conventional LED task lamps. Quattro’s™ ultra-bright, glare-free illumination comes from its revolutionary LED Flat Panel technology. The flat panel eliminates the hot spots and multiple shadows that most LED lamps produce from multiple point sources of light, each of which creates a separate shadow. A uniform light source is generated by projecting Nichia LED illumination across a large surface of advanced optical films that focus and direct the light toward its objective, reducing sidelight that causes glare. The result is; more light on what you want to see and less unwanted light in your eyes.”

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DIY Outdoor Shower


Tis the season for seashores, sand and outdoor showers. There is nothing better than bathing out of doors under the stars on a warm summer night. Although there are some delightful designer options available these days, the solution need not be expensive. By removing a traditional faucet fitting, and installing an extension with standard plumbing components, you’ll be up and running in no time. Installing a hot water line is key to comfort, but there are some great solar heaters available, if tapping into the hot water heater proves difficult. For privacy, a shower curtain will do the trick, or a for those more daring, a simple wood enclosure makes maintenance a breeze. A great summer moment. Enjoy!

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