Channeling Vermeer…

Looks familiar? If you guessed Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, then you are absolutely correct! When I found out Vermeer’s Woman with a Lute is on loan from the MET at the Norton Simon Museum, I immediately scheduled a museum day. And with Vermeer still fresh on my mind, I couldn’t help but to stare a little when I saw this fashion editorial the other day. Channeling the “Golden Age” painting style of Vermeer, these photographs by Riccardo Bernardi are quietly beautiful. Shot in Amsterdam (never been!), I wonder if the light there really does have this deep serene to it…  that dramatic blend of blues, aubergine, and greys is both moody and theatrical, don’t you think? Leaves me picturing the 1600s, life in Delft, colors that they saw day in and day out, their inspirations, their daily lives, and just how significant a pearl earring could be in a painting…

{ photography by Riccardo Bernardi for Schön! Magazine issue 13 }


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What I saw in… Spain.

Hello readers! It’s been a while I know… I took some time off and traveled abroad for a month. What I brought back are thousands of images, and deliciously happy memories to last me a lifetime. Believe me when I tell you I did not shop once, nope. Too busy taking photographs and honestly, just taking everything in… I thought I would share some of the more graphic and type driven images with you here. Starting from Spain, and we’ll work our way through a few more European countries later. Sounds good?

Montiel Restaurant / Barcelona
Besides having an amazing meal (best Spanish olive oil I’ve ever tasted!), this black and white mural with modern fixtures was pretty striking as well.


Font de Sant Jordi / Cathedral of Barcelona
For some reason, I was really drawn to this signage. The frame, the handwritten type, and those blue asterisks!


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Numbers by Bocci…

No. 28 / photography by Robert Keizure

Very much in awe of these pendant light fixtures designed by Omar Arbel of Bocci. Can’t decide whether I like them displayed alone or in a cluster. Each has its own organic quality that I’m really drawn to. When hung by itself, it’s so visually subtle and quiet that it allows the room to have a life of its own. Oh but when they are clustered like a pendant chandelier, they become the center stage… everything in the room revolves around the cluster. The floating and almost candle-like effect is mesmerizing. Quote, due to the organic nature of cast glass – hand crafted and inherently imperfect – each piece produced is entirely unique from any other piece, unquote. Well, I beg to differ on the “inherently imperfect” bit. I think they are quite perfect indeed, in all their shining glory – with bruises, bubbles and all.


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Labor of love in Todos Santos…

The first time I saw images of this amazing* house was on my little phone, at a bar, under dim lights. Really, my friend Laure Joliet showed them to me on her blog and I literally gasped out loud. If there was ever a picture documenting my expression, it would have been priceless. I was immediately smitten by the first picture, and forget about scrolling down! I knew straightaway that I HAD to share this gem with you. Located in the coastal desert oasis of Todos Santos, Mexico, it’s a house that Laure’s dad has been working on with Los Angeles based architect Hervé Daridan for over two years. I absolutely love how open it is. And that brick orange color with the concrete is quite a pair, aren’t they? I could sit there all day, feel the breeze on my face… Laure captured the house so beautifully, you can really see the personality of the house shining through. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m secretly hoping that it will one day be available for rent – even for a long weekend. I will be the first one on the list! It’s minimal, and that fits me just fine!


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My Favorite Space (Today!)

My taste changes so quickly these days, but one room I've been continually drawn to in the past few weeks is this eclectic mix of industrial beauty:

[Photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt]

I've never seen cold tile look so cozy and when paired with such a magnificent butterfly/insect display, the space is surprisingly welcoming (even for an insect-o-phobe like me!). The sawhorse desk, lateral files and canvas bins scream of function while that cheery red chair is begging to be sat upon for an impromptu work session.

I'd love an office as visually inspiring as this one — with or without a rug on the floor!

What do you think, readers? Is it all in my head? Do you love this space as much as I?

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