Creative play…

Today I thought I would take a break from my “What I saw in…” travel series and share the work of Jonas Jungblut with you. I was recently in Santa Barbara with two good friends (yes, I do love to travel!) and picked up the Santa Barbara Magazine to check out the arts scene there. I was immediately struck by the organic quality of Jungblut’s sculptures. Untitled (shown above) is made of driftwood found along the beaches in Santa Barbara. I suppose you could interpret this sculpture in many ways, but after reading up about Jungblut – originally from Berlin, Germany – being exposed to the gritty guerilla street art scene perhaps explains a lot. On the other hand, when the sculpture is set on sand, with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop, it tells a very different story.


A balancing act… not an easy task to achieve indeed, especially with a piece like this, 476 (shown above) are made of beach pebbles. I feel I could sit on the buff all day and just bask in its tranquility. The quiet delicacy of his work is, dare I say, contagious. Lately I’ve been feeling the need for (more) balance in life and the crave for quietness.

{ Photography by Jonas Jungblut / top / bottom image scanned from Santa Barbara Magazine Summer 2011 }

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