Glorious Glass by Josiah McElheny

I was taken by the imagery in the New York Times, of Brooklyn glass artist Josiah McElheny. Finding inspiration in Cosmology, and the infinite, Mr. McElheny’s beautiful “Island Universe” is part of a new exhibition of his work at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston. The installation is an expansive sculpture with protruding glass and chrome arms that is meant to illustrate the dynamism of the Big Bang theory. Highly reflective surfaces, courageous scale and sculptural form, create a dynamic and powerful display, somehow defying the fragility of the medium.

“Trained at both the Rhode Island School of Design and the glass foundries of Europe, McElheny’s highly conceptual projects are realized through exquisitely wrought execution. His work recalls the turn-of-the-century designs of Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956), whose Vienna Secession light fixtures ground functionality in lushly modernist forms. Hoffmann’s desire to hybridize art, industry, and the artisanal appealed to McElheny, whose sculptures stage that perpetual tension between aesthetic innovation and good design that has beset the avant-garde.”

McElheny’s work will be on display at the ICA starting June 22nd until October 14th.

Image sourced at NY Times.  Excerpts sourced at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston.

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