Oh Little Tree of Toddlerville

This is the first Christmas that our son is old enough to care about the tree…and by 'care' I mean realize it is there and make every attempt to destroy it.  Last year, he docilely laid beneath it and barely noticed the train that was set up around the base.  This year…well…we haven't put a tree up this year.

In my defense, we will be visiting relatives over the holidays and they will all have trees, so it made no sense to set one up if we weren't going to be here.

That said, if we were staying around our area for Christmas, I might have tried out one of these fantastic little trees…who says you need to have a massive tree to be festive?  These little guys pack a truly festive punch…and are just the right size to sit high above those destructive 17 month old hands.

One highlight of having a small tree is that you can go CrAzY with it…I've mentioned before I could never get away with an aluminum tree…but on a small scale, this pretty little white tree is the perfect way to embrace a non-traditional tree.


Of course, with this awesome tinker-toy tree, below, I wouldn't even have to keep it off limits to our son.


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