Dusty Dreams

I know, I know…the chalkboard wall trend has seen its day, come back again and has seen its day again and yet is still 'up there' in ranking of 'cool-things-to-do-in-your-house-to-make-your-neighbors-think-you're-the-saaviest-decorator-ever'.  Seriously…I equate painting a wall in your home with chalkboard paint as the equivalent of having a photo booth at your wedding: anyone who knows the industry knows that it is 'sooooo 2006', but 99% of your guests don't know the industry so who cares, right?

And yet, I can not seem to get the idea of installing a chalkboard wall somewhere in my home out of my head.  The one, and I mean ONE, thing that is keeping me from heading out right this second and heading to my nearest paint store and scoring some paint is a major concern that has been chipping away at my resolve daily.  Specifically…what do you do with all of that chalk dust?


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