Junior’s Dwelling

Spaces designed for children on the pages of our favorite magazines, tend to focus on the infant and toddler. Understandably an exciting time in the life of a young family, nursery spaces are full of promise and focus. Quickly it seems, themed elements are soon outgrown, and spaces for the adolescent are often, shall I say, a bit uninspired. Benicarlo Mobile has developed concept spaces for just this demographic of the population. Fun. Flexible. Sophisticated. Yet, decidedly not stuffy or boring. The first thing I noticed once I got past the eye catching color was the accommodation of multiple residents. Whether it be a sibling or guest, each of these spaces can handle it, beautifully. Flexible and modular, the furniture can be rearranged to meet the needs of just about any function. Beds double as sofas, and are perched on wheels, to allow mobility and reconfiguration. Uniformity in the design of the shelving and furniture pieces provides the ability to reconfigure these elements in numerous ways as well. The colors are wonderful. There is no shortage of opinion. Just the way it should be.

Images sourced at Benicarlo Mobile



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Inspiring Nursery Design

Recently, the nursery below designed by Trenna of Trenna Travis Design Studio was selected as the May Project Gallery Winner over at Project Nursery and I couldn’t possibly be more in love.

Like all well designed spaces should, it took me some time to truly reflect on this space and figure out exactly what it was that tickled me so much.  In the end I determined that it doesn’t just boil down to one single thing, but rather a combination of good choices that makes this nursery such a winner in my book.

First, the color palette with its various hues is fresh, yet still maintains its sweetness.  Everything from the vintage aqua crib to the persimmon pillow; the preppy greens in both large scale (the chair) and tiny scale (the Greek Key curtains) patterns; the mintier green side table and the flash of poppy orange buds in the silver vase work together to create a gentle, relaxed ambiance just perfect for a sweet baby.

Second, even the neutrals in this space are all very varied, yet compliment each other perfectly.  The cable knit throw; the light wood floor; the venerable Ikea pendant; the linen storage boxes; the quilted crib bumper; the quirky ceramic owl lamp; the tone on tone picture frames and the beautiful, woven shades are all texturally independent of one another and yet so perfectly work together to give the space depth and light.

The one and only thing in this room that confuses me is the placement of the crib right in front of the curtained window.  But, for the sake of compromise, I will go ahead and chalk it up to the need to style the room so that everything fit in one perfectly framed photograph.

Many congrats to Trenna on her much deserved win.

Care to share any fresh, new nursery designs you’ve come across lately?

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