Not Your Everyday Laminate


Ok. How fun is this? How would you like to be able to create your own design for your kitchen countertops? But don’t stop there, because Laminate is durable, cleanable, and can be applied to almost  any surface. I can imagine a dining table surface, bathroom, or even an accent wall in a mud room where the grime just wipes off. The design opportunity is limitless. And, you can create in good conscience with a low environmental impact. How? ‘ABET Laminati has added digital capabilities to the largest solid color collection of laminates in North America. Over 300 solid colors in various textures and finishes are available, or create your own digital design to place atop your favorite hue. Mix and match ABET’s solid colors or add a digital design. All laminates are Greenguard certified with low VOC emissions.’

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100% Recycled Countertops

Thinking about a kitchen remodel this spring? Keeping it Green is an important consideration when looking at cabinet and countertop options. Have you considered paper? Yes, Paper!

Richlite, has brought to the market a durable, hard surface material created from paper. Eco-friendly and beautiful, fibers can come from a variety of sources; virgin wood fibers, post consumer waste, recycled blue jeans, coffee chaff, burlap bags, banana peels, etc. Color is added during the paper making process instead of the paper saturating process to ensure consistent and solid color throughout. Stain, Scratch and Heat resistant, as well as durable and sustainable. I found it especially interesting, as extended overhangs can be created up to 24″ without additional support. A great material for an island overhang, or how about a dining table top?

Richlite r50 contains 50% post-consumer waste fibers from old corrugated cardboard.
Richlite r100 and Grays Harbor contain 100% post-consumer waste fibers and are FSC® Certified 100% Recycled. These materials have a great look, as the fibrous material has some subtle texture and depth, but also develops a patina over time, much like a beautiful stone would.  Sustainable, and beautiful.

Image and excerpts sourced at Richlite.

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