The 5 Minute Kitchen Update

So, your current kitchen is in need of a facelift, but you’re not sure what the problem is. Chances are, updating the hardware of your kitchen cabinetry will make a world of difference – no matter how much you think you want to gut the whole shebang and start from scratch (haven’t we all been there?!).

You know how jewelry can dress up even the most basic of tees? Cabinet hardware does the same, and in this case, it can also add a whole new function to your space!:

Image Credit: Leva Husfabrik

That’s right – by installing towels bars instead of knobs or pulls, this crafty homeowner has increased the function of her kitchen tremendously! No more searching endlessly for a clean towel to dry your hands on, or for that missing potholder to retrieve your steaming dinner from the oven.

Smart, stylish and pretty Р our favorite combination! Three cheers for ingenuity!

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