A Place at the Table

Our 13 month old son has eaten at the dining room table with us ever since he started solids around 4 months.  Originally, he was propped up in chair that clipped onto the side of the table causing my husband and pretty much every guy who ever stepped inside our home to proclaim how wonderful a seat like that would be for them at a bar.  More recently we purchased a high chair that will also allow him to continue to sit with us at the table.  The chair will grow with him so that he can use the same chair for many years to come.

After the 'sidling-up-to-the-bar in a clip-on high chair' comments, the most frequent thing we hear from friends and family is their concern for our dining room table.  At only 13 months old, our son isn't the cleanest eater nor is he unaware of how fun it is to take one's sippy cup and slam it into the table.

Fortunately for us, we have a reclaimed wood dining room table that came with its own nicks and bruises and we figure anything our little barbarian can do to the table will only add to the wonderful character of the piece.

Reclaimed wood tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit into every home and they are such a great way to repurpose wood that needs a good home.  Its a win/win for everyone.

Here are some that have caught my eye recently:



The table above (with detail shown below) has such classic appeal it can be dressed country chic or modern minimalist. 


This warm tones in this wood table (above) play well with the cool espresso color on the wall while this blonde beauty (below) contrasts goregously with those delicious leather chairs.

A reclaimed wood table can be leggy…just ask those faux deer heads:


The table below is about as rustic as it gets…but I can just as easily picture it in an urban loft as I can a farmhouse kitchen.

Do your kids sit at the dining room table?  If so, what kind is it?

(Photo credits: 1 & 2 – crate and barrel, 3 – pure contemporary, 4 – eat sleep live, 5 – velocity, 6 – timber creek collection)

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