My Favorite Flor

Eclectic spaces have always been a go-to move of mine, so when I first spotted the Cut Flowers design in this month’s new arrival section at FLOR, I shrieked with joy. Any time an accessory or furnishings makes me squeal, I begin to envision the space I would build around that very statement piece.

Naturally, I wanted to take you along for the ride. Presenting, a room fit for my favorite Flor tile (whew – say that three times fast!). My vision? A quirky kitchen nook:

1. Our shining star FLOR paves the way for patterned accents and statement solids.
2. Every quirky room needs a quirky pendant.
3. Bright coral polka dotted curtains provide a touch of color to offset the dark flooring.
4. Floral cups reflect our floral patterned tiles in a subtle fashion.
5. Traditional Stockholm chairs ground the nook, providing a classic that won’t easily fade with trends.
6. Patterned plates become a surprising neutral when paired with bolder colors.
7. The industrial stool plays off our birdcage-inspired lighting and lends an aged aesthetic to the space.
8. A recycled magazine bowl gives amount of texture and play to the room.
9. Play it safe with a modern and gorgeous wood and iron table.

Fun, yes? Ah, to dine daily in this fun little space. Elbows off the table, please!



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Labor of love in Todos Santos…

The first time I saw images of this amazing* house was on my little phone, at a bar, under dim lights. Really, my friend Laure Joliet showed them to me on her blog and I literally gasped out loud. If there was ever a picture documenting my expression, it would have been priceless. I was immediately smitten by the first picture, and forget about scrolling down! I knew straightaway that I HAD to share this gem with you. Located in the coastal desert oasis of Todos Santos, Mexico, it’s a house that Laure’s dad has been working on with Los Angeles based architect Hervé Daridan for over two years. I absolutely love how open it is. And that brick orange color with the concrete is quite a pair, aren’t they? I could sit there all day, feel the breeze on my face… Laure captured the house so beautifully, you can really see the personality of the house shining through. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m secretly hoping that it will one day be available for rent – even for a long weekend. I will be the first one on the list! It’s minimal, and that fits me just fine!


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The Art of Consistency

One of the decor theories I struggle with the most when it comes to planning a space is consistency. I'm a fickle person, so it's hard enough to settle on a style for each room, let alone a style for an entire home.

Yet after spotting this lovely Stockholm apartment from Emmas Designblogg, I've completely changed my tune. The elements are perfectly paired and balanced, utilizing a great deal of natural materials and clean minimalism.


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The trailer dream…

Can you imagine living out the nomadic trailer dream? I have to admit, I've given this thought more than once or twice. Purchasing an Airstream and just take off, up the Pacific Coast Highway then cross country? That would be the day… and I'm not saying it sarcastically, I do think it could happen, I mean, why not right? Especially seeing these photographs. How could you not dream a little? Everything thing about it is so warm and cozy. Potted plant on the windowsill, patchwork quilts… Notice how the trailer is decorated with mix and match fabrics – from the curtains to the wall AND ceiling coverings. The floral silk curtain is actually quite a nice touch. Let me tell you, I'm eyeing that pendant lamp in the bedroom, those intricate folds, just gorgeous. Not too shabby of a trailer really, I spotted two Vitra pieces: the turquoise chair by the trailer door (shown below) and the coffee table in the bedroom. And a few fun Liberty fabric prints sprinkled around add to the eclectic vibe. But you know what I yearn most about living the trailer dream? Keeping everything down to minimal, bringing with me just the absolute bare essentials…


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Why Don’t You…?

As we mentioned last week, decor and style is all about working with what you've got… and sometimes breaking the rules along the way. Take this kitchen, for example:

Opulent organization? Check. Hardwood floors? Check. Soothing, calming paint colors? Check, check and check.

Yet… wait a second. What's that we see hanging from those gorgeous exposed beams? Is that a — swing?

Indeed, it is. A swing hanging from the rafters of your neighbor's kitchen (We also spotted a unique storage solution in the rafters — did you notice?). The quirky symbol adds just the right amount of whimsy to an already-beautiful kitchen.

Proof that when you're questioning whether or not to infuse personality into a space, the answer is always yes.

Why don't you?

Image via House of Turquoise

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