A blue accent…

Today's post is purely inspired by my recent flea market find. This vintage blue dish really stood out from the crowd for me at a seller's table. I honestly had no idea what it was for, and neither did the seller. But the blue was calling my name, plus the shape is so unique that I couldn't possibly pass it up. And with the maker's mark on the bottom (which bears the name "Tack"), I knew I could find out more about its history online when I get home. And boy, did I find out what it was for! Designed by La Gardo Tackett, this blue beauty is a saucer (yes a saucer!), and is designed to hold four individual cups! Brilliant, no? Anyway, back to the color blue… Gathered a few images here that uses blue {thoughtfully} as an accent color for the home. Not too overwhelming, but enough to draw interest and attention to the room.

… love how the Murano glass chandelier works perfectly with the mid-century modern pieces in the bedroom. It's like an instant pick-me-up!

… what a beautiful backdrop for an ironstone collection. The blue really brings out the best of the white pieces.

… a turquoise door! And against a black and white kitchen, yes! Love the pop of color, especially in such a narrow space.

… I am some what lost for words here because I'm envisioning myself vacationing in this beach house! What a dreamy, dreamy, bath.

… this I find incredibly fun. An eclectic dining room with just enough of blue peaking through.

{ images: top, photography by Peggy Wong / 1 scan from Domino, photography by William Abranowicz  / 2 scan from Martha Stewart Living, photography by Bill Batten / 3 scan from Domino, photography by Melanie Acevedo / 4 / 5 }

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