Pet Peek

I just couldn’t help myself. I laughed out loud when I saw this pet friendly peek a boo. I would venture to suggest, a secret peek would be something of interest to both humans and canines alike. A portal to the neighbor. A peep hole on a grander scale. How about checking out the neighboring cat or chickens, before blindly sounding the barking alarm. Somehow, it strikes me as funny, as we put up privacy barriers to hide behind, this blows a hole wide open. Not only providing the view out of course, but the view into the private realm as well. How about installing a couple of these puppies in your front door? One for you, and one for Fido. Too fun.

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The unexpected. A new perspective. An opportunity to experience a common occurrence with fresh eyes. This swimming pool, deceivingly expected from the upper level, offers a surprise worth the trip down the stairs. Sure, we’ve all enjoyed this perspective while visiting an exhibit at the aquarium or zoo; a polar bear or dolphin enjoying the thrill of experience immersed in the water. But taking this design expression to a personal human level is interesting. There is a feeling of alone-ness and privacy under the water. An absence of perceptible sound, and at greater depths, of available light. I find this viewing window incredibly intriguing. It creates an opportunity to see movement much like one would experience dance, and provides an unexpected adventure to the observer and swimmer alike.  I applaud the creative approach given to the design of taking a dip in the pool, to cause me to pause and reflect. It’s looking with fresh eyes at our everyday, designing our typical activities, environments and experiences in such a way that they provide a source energy and a new perspective.  Come on. Try it. Go forth and look anew!

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