Kitchen Laundry Solution

A while back on my personal blog, I shared a connundrum I was having over kitchen laundry.  We recently started giving up paper-towels. I was never a huge paper-towel user in the first place, but I was a disposable wipe person and I was getting more and more ashamed at the amount of wipes I was tossing out with the trash and I figured there had to be a better way.  Turns out, there is.  Having a stash of dish towels in one of our kitchen drawers has revolutionized our kitchen cleaning.  Especially with a toddler in the house, spills are planned into our day and now I can rest easy knowing that I am using a much more planet-friendly system of wiping up spills with cloths intead of wipes or paper towels.

That said, we go through a lot of dish cloths in a day.  For a while, I was tossing them in a heap next to the door to our basement (you can see them in the pictures below).  But that was neither sanitary nor aesthetically pleasing so I was searching for a better solution that wouldn't entail opening up the door to the basement and chucking them down the stairs towards the laundry.

(Bonus – that super awesome mat infront of our sink is actually three 'Finer Things' FLOR tiles!)


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