Dramatic Effect of Light

Light, in design is a tremendous element of power. It, like no other, provides opportunity to create drama and exude a feeling or mood. The manipulation of light in architecture and the spaces we occupy, offers an experiential moment to reflect on how we interact with space. The image above is one of the most beautiful examples of this I’ve seen. A long, dark, unlit cavernous space lit only by the glowing green glass of the wine bottles in this cellar. Gorgeous and dramatic, it demands the attention of those who dare enter this space.

Often times, we sprinkle lighting around in our homes and offices, to provide an overall light level in a space. But, when you think about it, high light levels are only required while on task, like cooking or writing, while light required when passing through a corridor is considerably less. When we strategically place light where we need it and where we want to draw attention, and let the balance drop off into the murky shadows, we create intimacy and focus. Below, these simple spaces use these simple strategies beautifully. Go ahead. Look around your room. What do you need to see?

Images sourced from the stunning design work of Joseph Dirand.


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The color of light

Recently at an outdoor event on Chicago's lakefront, my family and I walked through a Luminarium. It’s a sculpture people walk through to  experience brilliant colors heightened by light.


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